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My wife is coming back to Delaware :D
Category: Member Blogs

I am so excited Lady Aromaura is coming back to Delaware, Ohio while she was away in Newark, Ohio she will be home again tomorrow!!!

Fear of the walking dead x-files and the government spoiler alert
Category: Member Blogs

The X-Files is back and its set its sites on the government whom you should never trust and fear of the walking dead also enlightens us on what would happen during a zombie apocalypse as the military kills off the innocent robing the people to keep us "safe" but its just the greed of man that will kill us in the end...

Interesting Shows this year
Category: Member Blogs

I just found a new show called "ShadowHunters" that looks interesting Its about Warlocks, Demons, and the supernatural. There's  one of the shows having vampires in it so that should be good. The Magicians was also pretty good and now the x-files is coming back on so I have to watch those ones as well...

The mistake of Artificial Intelligence
Category: Member Blogs

Just got done watching the movie: "uncanny" and I was right! Artificial intelligence is dangerous not enough people understand that; I dont get it. when will they learn? Don't worry I didnt spoil anything the ending will surprise you. Artificial intelligence is a mistake don't do it...

2016 starting out good and I was surprised
Category: Member Blogs

This year has already started on a positive note I am pleased to have help a newly awakened person so its good to help others like yourself... 



New years resolution
Category: Member Blogs

My new years resolution is to keep writing and reading I have been doing pretty well with it so far

Star Wars and under my Pagan tree...
Category: Member Blogs

I just got back from my Brother taking me to see Star wars the force awakens reminding me of how old I am (same age as the movie). I got some nice gifts today 1. a hoodie 2. nice headphones I really needed…

Update December 2015
Category: Vampyrian News

It seems facebook will be number one on the internet for a while just under twitter I believe as this group is almost as popular as our beginning group in yahoo groups since 2003 (I miss them). I only wish our social network was as popular but only time will tell and as long as there are dedicated members we will always be alive.

Too much complaining about a stolen Holiday
Category: Member Blogs

I am sick of people complaining about there holiday that originally is not there holiday but a pagan one as if paganism has truly died out or ever will...

Category: Member Blogs
I am done with this emo crap and its time to be happy with myself I am flying solo as every relationship (except one) made me weak as well as stressed me out. I am done with making everyone happy and being stressed out; I am doing so much better now I only have myself to rely on to be happy as you cant love others with out first loving yourself and thats all I need...
Human devolution!
Category: Member Blogs

I really believe cats have the life too often. Just like children they are taken care of and don't have to worry about anything except being left behind are some asshole abusing them or putting them down. Humans on the other hand are ruled be emotions especially hate killing each other off, taking over the planet, and destroying everything in there way! You don't see non human animals doing that! We are animals too but are the worst parasite on the planet...

I think I am broken?
Category: Member Blogs
Tags: JP Vanir Broken lost out sorts

I actually think I am broken. I used to write all kinds of articles and a few books and posts but lately I havent been able to think of anything for the longest time? I am worried I cant seem to get out of this funk... 

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In: New years resolution
by: JP Vanir
"You are so young.I´m the ancient (2 years elder) HAH;) I saw also..."
In: Star Wars and under my Pagan tree...
"This "emo" word sounds pretty funny to Finnish ear, because here it means..."
In: Solitude
"You are not broken"
In: I think I am broken?
by: Hummingbird
"Writers block has you.Sometime, we have to force ourselves to get started...."
In: I think I am broken?
by: Hummingbird
"Food for thought. I was tlaking with a friend I game with about..."
In: The dilemma of being a Vegetarian and the sin of waste?
by: nox_lumen
"Ok wow. you got all the share buttons like nasa had. I just..."
In: Most used social network?
by: Hummingbird
"I tweet,pin then tumble. No hassels and tons of information there. Didn't..."
In: Most used social network?
by: Hummingbird

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