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On Bullying In the Occult And Pagan Communities as well as the GVC
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with additions by Rev. JP VDDG


It should go without saying that bullies are everywhere. You’ll find them in the workplace and pretty much anywhere online. Bullying has always been a thing. So why should it be any different in the the pagan/polytheist, witch, or occult communities? And if it is different, how is it different exactly?
The forms of bullying can be more complex
In any spiritual community, there will be people whose voices will be heard more frequently than others. They might have a blog (like me), teach classes, be book authors, lead groups and/or rituals, etc. In these instances, it’s very easy for someone in such positions of power to abuse it. Or worse yet, desire power enough to abuse people for it. Obviously when religion is involved, the bullying can be even messier than under normal circumstances, especially when the power dynamic is unequal.
In the workplace, there are bosses who bully their employees. I’ve been a victim of such bullying in the past. Again, this is an unfortunately common and toxic dynamic involving people engaging in abuses of power. When religion gets involved, this is how cults, cult leadership, and cults of personality can form. And like in a professional environment, it can also get very personal.
Our communities don’t have outlets for handling bullying, and it’s a real problem
Some groups will have codes of conduct. In them there is often a step by step process for handling personal issues within a group. Of course that’s if you’re in a formal group to begin with. Online, the notion of groups and belonging gets murky, complex, and has no real definition beyond things such as “Facebook groups”. A lot of people come to these social media outlets already feeling isolated due to a lack of local community, and of course none of this helps. And of course they are looking to take advantage of that situation and of you.
When I google bullying in spiritual groups online, all of the essays and blog posts address it from a Christian standpoint. There are countless articles but solely from a Christian perspective. Googling bullying in pagan groups, I see only a few blog posts. There is one in particular that delves into the types of bullying that can exist, including intimidation, coercion, verbal and physical abuse, and isolation. Our groups have varying power structures and also potentially involve other spiritual dimensions, such as the use of magic in order to maintain power and bully others.
When magic is also involved, it’s not pretty
In spiritual groups people can be threatened with the notion of being cut off from contact with their community, their means of learning and growth, and the outlet for their particular spiritual path. But when magic and witchcraft get involved, there’s a whole other power dynamic present that makes things even more uncomfortable. I’ve personally known of a number of witches and magicians who have abused magic in order to control other people and then send hexes or curses their way when they have difficulties controlling them.
I’d like to say that these sorts of practices are uncommon but unfortunately they are not. Some even brag about hexing or cursing people online and use it as further means of intimidation. I can’t say that there aren’t people out there with the very real ability to do magical harm, and I highly recommend learning how to protect yourself against such things.
New Age bullying continues to be a very real thing
This is a very specific form of bullying typically seen in a lot of spiritual as well as occult communities. Unlike traditional forms of bullying that surround themselves with negativity, New Age bullying relies on sugar coating their bullying with superficial sweetness and light. Toxic positivity and victim blaming is a real concern. Bad thing happen to good people all of the time. It has nothing to do with some twisted Western misconception of “karma”, what they “attracted”, their mindset, or anything like that. COVID-19 isn’t a spiritual disease; it’s what happens when human beings let their selfishness overrule their judgment. Societies that encourage toxic individualism in lieu of taking care of their own will collapse. It’s a similar deal with our own communities. We must support each other, or our communities will collapse.
How do you handle bullying in the pagan/polytheist and occult communities, then?
There have been many articles on how to deal with bullies in a practical sense, whether they are online or in your workplace.
But first, what do bullies look for in their victims?
1. You stand out. This could be good, bad, or a mixture. For better or for worse, for some reason you stand out. It could be due to gender identity, sexuality, religious beliefs, or anything in particular that sets you apart from others. It could be these differences that threatens them. You could be a part of a group that they dislike for whatever reason. Their feeling of being in control is threatened by you. You could remind them of a typical bullies bully because they think they can get away with it. The idea is that they want to feel strong and to make you feel weak. It’s a power dynamic, typically done by people who feel that their own sense of identity and power is threatened. Bosses will do this in order to maintain power over people they feel they can’t control otherwise, and it tends to be a similar deal in pagan, polytheist, and occult environments as well.
Those who see themselves in a position of power that they have to fight for, will fight for it. And they see you as a threat to their position of power. You have power over them in some way, and they are trying to compensate for it. part of themselves they don’t like for whatever reason. You could be better at something than they are, or know more on a topic they are invested in. Either way, they are threatened. You are a threat. Of course, knowing this is a small consolation to people who have had to deal with bullying. Obviously.
Addressing that power dynamic
1. Don’t ever be a party to enabling bullying. Call it out for what it is. If you see something, say something.
2. Be aware that bullies will do anything to avoid facing consequences for their actions. They will gaslight, threaten, intimidate. Don’t let them get away with it.
3. One of the tactics bullies will use is social isolation. Don’t let them isolate you or anyone else. Tell people, get others involved.
4. Stick to the facts, don’t let them move the goalposts or make this into a personal discussion or attack. They want a cat fight, don’t give it to them.
5. If they run a group that you are in, leave that group and if need be, get help or support from others in doing so.
6. Don’t let them have any authority or power over the conversation or the situation.
Some groups will enable bullies naturally and be a haven for cultists and as a cult. What to look for in a group also includes what to avoid in a group and how to tell if a group is unhealthy. One that supports and enables such people is one to be avoided because it’s often how cults start. Also, groups that are cults will use bullies and bullying to keep people in line.
Additions by me:
I know this personally as the Vampire community thinks every Vampyrism is a spiritual condition as well a physical one. I was surprised to hear about this this going on in the pagan communities as I have never had problems in the pagan communities but I know it happens often in the Vampire community especially online which I will share below:
In the online Vampire community I continue to keep having issues with the “Vampire community” how many of them perceive the Vampyran TempleUVUP as a cult like Temple of the Vampire as we are both Temples and they do not want to see Vampyrism as a spiritual condition as well as a physical one. The originally where trying to get me in trouble as a plagiarist who steals copyrighted information as his own; I am a theologian as well as a vampirologist and share information I learn online/books/ect. with the members on the V-TUVUP site to educate the Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism. I never claimed to write everything written and always put credit where credit is due (to the original author and original site).

Now I have been having issues because I have Asperger’s (just recently found out as I was diagnosed with Autism and never received help with this early) I struggled in school quite a bit as falsely diagnosed with just ADHD and was never able to go to college because of this as well as because we were poor. I get crapped on all the time because of my grammar and how I communicate online BUT I struggle with this it constantly and it torments me to no end. I did write a couple books though the first one was just the basic principles for the second book but in the past they went on and on about the grammer and mistakes I made writing it (though on the second book I did have some help from our previous Spiritual Mother Samantha Adams and now for some time I have been struggling with writers block. I honestly am not sure I will ever be able to write another book again as it is so very difficult for someone with my conditions to explain everything the proper way and people have issues understanding me. Although my writer's block is about gone...


I created groups for other such people here:


the Alternative Counseling for Alternative People:



and D.A.A.D. - Dark Alternatives Against Discrimination:

Vampyres are the predators of humans
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Original post:  Friday, February 24, 2012



We are the predators of humans and that is not always a bad thing 



I believe that the food chain is set up as predator and prey; some how it the definitions got changed and that screwed everything up similar to the way fiction and Hollywood screwed up our name "Vampire". Not all Predators kill there Prey but they take just what they need to survive such as mosquitoes, tapeworms, and even bats ect. It is funny because we don’t want to be compared to Vampire bats or parasites such as these but that is one similarity many of us have. The difference however is most do not take too much or enough to hurt those we take from and it is usually given freely or should be. So even though we do not kill our Prey (well most of us with morals anyways) the humans are our prey.



A God is not just one gender
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I do not get why people assume that a god MUST be male? The term GOD (not just goddess) should not have anything to do with gender or such as gods are not just one Gender and should not be termed so loosely as male or female. A God is a God be he or she male or female they are a God period  both genders have equal power...

2020 time to get back on track and stop worrying
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I must warn you I have a hard time explaining myself as I am Autistic so please I hope my words don't confuse you as most regular peoples words often confuse me. Anyways I was reading a pagan blog online and I realized I need to stop getting distracted from my spiritual practice. I was struggling for a long time staying motivated to keep up on the TempleUVUP as it has lost its flare and feel like one of the only members keeping the site going but it has been rough as I have had trouble writing for the longest time. It is hard enough for someone like me with my disabilities, lack in money, and being constantly busy to stay motivated when I have constantly struggled with my moods/depression. I want to keep up on praying, keeping up with my rituals, and communicating with the Gods but its hard when you start doubting everything because things get so bad you want to give up...


I have been a member of CUUPS for a long time but was lucky enough to find a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Delaware, Ohio that made me actually want to join a “church” again though they use the term fellowship for the same reason I would lol. They unlike my family or other churches except me for the way I am or have felt comfortable revealing to them anyways. I thought I would never go to church again but I realized church is good for people sometimes because it makes us feel connected where someone like me feels disconnected from the world and that I will never fit in. However they except me and I hope one day I can not be worried about not worried about what anyone thinks.​ I normally do not feel like I fit in anywhere: in my city, with my family, as well as in my communities (vampire, pagan, and goth) ​but I feel comfortable there​ and actually look forward to going even though it is really early in the morning lol. I am like no one in my city and most misjudge as they don't understand me; my family also does not understand me and will often not meet me half way with my life choices (as DUUF does).  Vampires often do not want me to believe what we are is a spiritual condition so my house is despised for my personal belief, Goths often despise me because I drink blood and make them look bad, pagans often despise me because I need energy from others to not constantly be sick and fatigue. So I feel all alone in every community even my local fellowship I am too afraid to let them find out as I am sure they could never understand... 


I try to read and meditate but with focus and reading issues it has been harder than it used to be but I am not sure why it was sometimes easier in the past but no longer is the case depending on the book? One thing I know is to many books make it too easy to go off track and use words that I am not sure about seeing as I never went to college and that really makes it hard to want to go on and deal with my stupidity. I used to have the patience and not these things bother me but I can't help the way I feel that it is too difficult for someone like me as it too me too long and was too hard to get the help I needed and yet I am still struggling. I have been working a new job that tires me out and it has been hard to keep on things out of my daily routine I must do in order to relax but relation never seems to come for someone like me so I have not been able to find the time to do what I must do to and do not have time for my spiritual practices, research, and reading. I most certainly need to get back to praying to my spiritual mother for help getting back to my rituals, my reading, writing, and more on my the site and research ect. Now that I found some people to talk to, made a breakthrough in counseling, got some help with my disabilities, and am better with my communication as well as my moods to a point (at least while keeping busy at work) I am hopping things will continue to move forward. This seems even more likely now that I have finally got rid of the writers block I have had for too many years...


© Vampyrian Rev. J P Vanir  
My holidays with the wifes family
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​I went to Bowling Greens to see my step Son Maven after so many long years of missing him​ for Xmas. The first bus ride I did OK with but the crowd was a bit much at the station luckily I got to sit by my wife on the bus so it wasn't too bad. Her poor mom got lost in the fog and we felt really bad about that and I was worried cause Jay was there for the holidays but he was quiet in the car BUT as soon as we got to her moms house he was hyper as hell being as this was all new to him (being severely autistic). I was worried how he would react to me but after a while he seemed do like me pretty well which is odd for him and he even cooed at me Amanda told me which was cute. I was amazed as well the they actually had diet code red at the circle K in Bowling Greens which I have not seen in so many years but I was good and didn't drink pop...
I was told that Sandra wasnt going to actually let us see Maven which was my only Xmas wish this year and the only reason I spent all that money to go there! However I finally after over 13 years got to spend the holidays with the Hernandez family and it went surprisingly very  well. Her Uncle her hates all her boy friends gave me his 25 dollar gift card which we really needed after all this and Amanda got a Taco Bell card as well that she gave to me but got a few things as well. The bus ride home was a nightmare and for some reason we went through Delaware to get to Columbus just to get me home (Delaware) I wish the would have just dropped me off on the side of the road in Delaware because it was crowded and I couldn't sit by my wife. I was miserable and claustrophobic as hell and the Columbus ghetto is never better when so many people ask me for money and cigarettes and I am no help to anyone...
But despite all that once safe at home and in my comfort zone again I realize although I did not see Maven though I was depressed for quite a while I was excepted by her family which which made for what I was beginning to regret. I get so scared to be put in such positions and so nervous to meet them as well as being out of my comfort zone but slowly I am getting better at such things. I thought after New York I would never never leave home again but since I have already been to BG I new I would be OK but the family event and bus ride really scared me but I always survive and at least they like me esp the hard to please uncle...
JP Vanir Retires Website after 22 years Ending an Era
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On November 15th, The Witches’ Voice, Inc. announced the retirement of the website. For those of us who’ve been around since before social media sites existed, this news plucks the heartstrings. It is like discovering that a favorite haunt of your teen years is closing down long after you last were there. Nothing quite illustrates how far you’ve grown like when the place where you finally “found yourself,” and your real family of choice, closes their doors for the last time, and you can just accept the news, much like the changing of the seasons.

While I am not surprised that the site is shutting down, I’m more than a twinge sad to see the ending of an important era for our Witchcraft Community. I am also grateful for the important work done by the creators and managers of The Witches’ Voice website, lo these last 22 years.

Thank you for your 22 years, 9 months and 29 days of service. Screenshot of webpage accessed November 19, 2019.

Their message can be found here:

Notice 11/15/2019: The Witches’ Voice Inc will be retiring the website in late December of 2019. Its time has come. If you have any articles or poetry posted here please collect/copy them to your computer*. Over the past couple of years site traffic has dwindled down to a few dozen visitors/posters a day. In anticipation of site retirement we stopped taking any sponsorships donations on 7/1/2018. Next month we will pull ALL data offline and safely archive it. The extremely active Witches’ Voice facebook page featuring Spirit news and information will remain as an online presence.

We thank those you that supported this site over the years. You have changed the world.

In Your Service,
Wren Walker, Fritz Jung, Peg Aloi and Diotima Mantineia

Witchcraft before the Internet

Today it is hard to fathom a world that existed prior to the internet, but like any teen-witch in the early 90’s, I can report that it was really, REALLY hard to find other pagans to talk to back then. There were at least 10 years between widespread access to the internet, and the creation of social media sites like Myspace and Facebook. It took years more before Twitter or Instagram became this ubiquitous thing. I still don’t know how any witches found or founded pagan community before the internet, because it didn’t work out for me.

Legend has it, that pre-internet witches found each other by going to a local witch store and asking around, at which point those withes were obligated to deny their nature three times before accepting you as a student. Or, perhaps you’d find a surreptitiously worded notice on the bulletin board of a new-agey shop, and be able to read between the lines. That method required you to be lucky enough to have a shop like that within hailing distance, and in the southeast US, they were few and far between.

The other method of finding a coven or teaching circle that I heard about too late, was to go to any bookstore, and IF they had any of those early witchcraft books, like Scott Cunningham’s Wicca, or Raymond Buckland’s Big Blue Book, you could flip through the pages, and if magickal providence were on your side, you might find a coven’s business card or flyer clandestinely tucked within those pages.

The Witches’ Voice Changed Everything

Then came in 1997. I finally found the site in 2002 after I just couldn’t abide my lonely broom closet any longer. This is the very first website I can remember which allowed 0ne to create a safe and anonymous profile that was searchable by location – for individuals, covens, shops, festivals, and open teaching circles. Best yet, the site facilitated messaging between people without revealing one’s own email address. In a time when deep secrecy was necessary, this ability to reach out and communicate discretely was a huge blessing. It was through witchvox that I *finally,* after 10 years of lonely searching, made contact with a local coven. There I met others of like mind, and eventually attended a Litha sabbat as a seeker. Witchvox was the medium through which I received this life-saving miracle, without which I doubt any of the subsequent work I’ve done in the Craft would have come to pass.

Unfortunately, as soon as I’d completed the seeker process with that first coven, I relocated with my family many hours away. In 2003, Greenville, North Carolina, had zero established covens, or findable witches or pagans, on any platform. So with the help of, I started one. built my Local Community

People today regularly remark to me that they wish there was an active pagan community like ours where they live. They appear to be waiting for someone else to sweep into town, wave their magic wand and poof one into being for them. That isn’t how it works, folks. You have to build your own community from the ground up.

2003 was a dark and desperate year for me as a newly-activated witchling, wandering alone in the wilds of eastern North Carolina. Right after Samhain that year, I created a profile on for a new social networking group I called East NC Pagans. I made an email discussion group on the Yahoogroups platform Remember that old haunt? Through Witchvox, I contacted every single witch and pagan with a personal profile that was within an hour drive of my city.

In a personal message introduced myself, and invited them to join my eastNCpagans yahoogroup. This is how I finally met the priestesses who would mentor me, my Reiki Master, and the Pagans who would eventually start the local pagan festivals. However, it took years to grow that membership.

I also printed business cards with our group link, and hid them in every Pagan and Wiccan book in our local Barnes and Noble bookstore. I put up the requisite surreptitiously-worded flyers in the local crystal shop. However, it was the events listings on witchvox that actually found the seekers who would show up to build our pagan community with me.


I recently found one of the old “bookstore” cards among those old paper fliers I kept as mementos…so quaint…


Most people who wrote me back, either through witchvox or yahoogroups, were too terrified to meet in public, and we mostly just discussed our fears of losing jobs, our kids, or our parent’s love should our true nature ever be discovered. Having these “friends” on the internet who understood the struggle was so important to me.

For more than a year, I would announce a monthly “coffee night” meet-up, then sit alone in a coffee shop with an innocuous “ENCP” sign on my table, in hopes that any of them would meet me to chat about the Craft. After a few hours I would give up and go home, dejected and lonelier than before. After more than a year, one or two brave folks I’d met through Witchvox were bold enough to show up to have coffee with me in person. Those were the happiest nights!

Then finally in late 2004 a Unitarian Universalist member of our YahooGroup announced a new pagan discussion meeting starting at their church. It was there that I finally met the local P-curious folks. Many of us are still friends 15 years later. In turn, the UUs came to my East NC Pagan coffee night, which grew exponentially every month after that, until we were forced to move our meetings to the UU sanctuary. We scheduled classes and open Sabbat rituals. We held huge Witches’ Ball parties at Halloween as a fundraiser, which would eventually pay for author Christopher Penczak to come to town for a weekend intensive training weekend with us. All thanks to the introductions first made through

Over the years I’ve received a hundred messages at least via Witchvox, from seekers inquiring about that first East NC Pagans yahoo group we listed there, or the training circle which eventually formed in 2005. Then, The Sojourner shop was opened by another original member and myself in 2009. From there, The Sojo Circle Coven emerged in 2016, and continues the good work of publicly available witchcraft training and interfaith work. If we follow the roots of these resources, they all lead back to the opportunities created long ago through

Unfortunately, as Myspace, and then Facebook, Twitter and other searchable profile sites grew in popularity over the past 15 years, we sort of forgot about Witchvox. What was once the main hub for finding articles, news, and events, has been largely abandoned in favor of Facebook pages, pagan blog sites like Patheos Pagan, and pagan journalism sites like The Wild Hunt. I can’t remember the last time I logged in to update my witchvox profiles, nor list any events there, so I contributed to the dwindling attention.

I am not surprised that those excellent folks who’ve been dedicated to its maintenance for so long have now chosen to retire the platform. I see this progression as a success! was like the dandelion that produced so much seed, spread by such a strong wind, that they spread so widely, and grew so vigorously, that it is now OK that the original mother-flower now passes. She has already reincarnated as so many new flowers.

Thank You!

In reply to Wren Walker, Fritz Jung, Peg Aloi and Diotima Mantineia, I thank you for your excellent service to building our community when we needed it most. I thank you directly for saving my wee witching life way back in 2002, by introducing me safely to so many others in my area. While I’m sad to see this era end, I agree that it is likely the right time to make this change. Just as the autumn leaves of the last cycle show us how beautiful they are before retiring into dormancy, we appreciate all that was accomplished by the witchvox site over the previous era. Thank you for connecting us to each other, for informing and inspiring our practices for so long. Thank you for archiving the record of our early history, and keeping up that good work via your Witches’ Voice Facebook page. I know we’ll all be paying close attention to what you folks get up to on the next big adventure of modern witchcraft networking!

~Heron Michelle

For additional perspectives about the closing of, check out these blogs by
Jason Mankey and Aine Llewellyn.


An Amazing blast from the past
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Most of today was amazing I finally went to the Reynoldsburg UU church and we had an outside pagan fire service that reminded me of the old days with the TempleUVUP gatherings. Many of that church are druid and I had great conversations with them. We had delicious hummus and peta bread that was better than any other I had before...
I did not realize they would be making a detour to Newark to visit the earthworks mounds and Grandville Ohio which was any blast from the past to bad I did not have time to visit Samantha Pandy but yeah my day was too much
Of course because this was the last day to get our stuff out my Mother and wife Lady Amaura gave me a hard time and so much for the peace and no anxiety I never get...
No place or PC for founder JP
Category: WebSite News

Well my computer doesn't work so all I have to work on for here is my kindle and a small library. Still worse yet I have to find a new place to live by Samhain of all days so I thought summer was bad my favorite time of year is not starting out so great BUT I will not let it year me down I will make it all work one way or another! For right now Facebook might be or easiest place at the moment since my PC has been letting me down but we will make it through eventually...

Autism and ME
Category: Member Blogs

Apparently I might have Autism and not just OCD and mood swings ect the Doctor says. So that might explain several things and hopefully I can get more help I hope...

Balancing my chakras
Category: Member Blogs

I am working on balancing my chakras especially my ajna (or brow) chakra​.​​ ​Apparently ​I need to take in more supplements and foods that help in keeping the pineal gland healthy and my  regular distribution of melatonin is disruptedas​ it results in depression, mood swings, and seasonal disorders. The pineal gland is also responsible for metabolizing other neurochemicals, such as DMT and pinoline, which coordinate emotional and physical processes on a cellular level.​ ​​I suppose I need some extra serotonin or DMT as well (like I can get that legally)...

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