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I am only Vampyrian
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Im about to leave all the subcultures behind Im tired of getting bullshit in the subculture I thought is better than that why do I even try? I am done with community's and there bullshit why do I try to fit in anywhere? Why do I let people get to me so easily and ;et them tell me what I am? OH WELL...

A bad future possibility for us
Category: Member Blogs

I have been watching "the 100" for a while now and it has become something I see that could very well happen as our people claim they belong where they had to leave because they themselves destroyed there own land I don't think it is there right at all while they try to take over lands that don't belong to them. Unfortunately I can see this very well happening its not a fantasy for me it is a very possible future I see either that or artificial intelligence (machines)...

I see trump in cane or lives will be destroyed by a dictator...

I am done with stores like walmart
Category: Member Blogs

I think I am done with walmart period and sticking to next place I can afford they are just so wrong on so many levels and I feel like a hypocrite because I am so poor I know what is right...

Vampyrian TempleUVUP chat nights
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Vampyrian TempleUVUP Chat nights are Wednesdays from 7pm to 12am Eastern time at:

My Awakening
Category: Member Blogs

I actually read about real Vampyres in October of 2000 and learned as much as I could before realizing I was one. I was Goth for many years before realizing I was a Vampyre and I continually learned as much as I could about it before realizing I really was one. I actually first read the book "Vampyre Almanac 2000" I found in a goth music store; I no longer support there views but had to learn somehow no matter how off his beliefs now are now. My beginning is extremely different than I am now since I evolved in my Vampyrism as I continually learn about Vampyrism.

Presidential Scare
Category: Member Blogs

This years presidential election has me terrified that if enough people actually vote for Donald Trump he could become president and Bush 2 already caused us enough problems I can only imagine what all Trump will do. He actually has my anxiety up with all the racist acts he will commit and cause more countries to hate us and want to destroy us I am convinced things will get so much worse for us if he is elected president and wondering if we will even survive?

Vampyres should never harm animals
Category: Member Blogs

Vampyres should never eat animals but only eat humans...

My wife is coming back to Delaware :D
Category: Member Blogs

I am so excited Lady Aromaura is coming back to Delaware, Ohio while she was away in Newark, Ohio she will be home again tomorrow!!!

Fear of the walking dead x-files and the government spoiler alert
Category: Member Blogs

The X-Files is back and its set its sites on the government whom you should never trust and fear of the walking dead alsoenlightensus on what would happen during a zombie apocalypseas the military kills off the innocent robingthe people to keep us "safe" but its just the greed of man that will kill us in the end...

Interesting Shows this year
Category: Member Blogs

I just found a new show called "ShadowHunters" that looks interesting Its about Warlocks, Demons, and the supernatural. There's one of the shows having vampires in it so that should be good. The Magicians was also pretty good and now the x-files is coming back on so I have to watch those ones as well...

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"This is not Vampyrian news even though its posted here"
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"You are not broken"
In: I think I am broken?
by: Hummingbird

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