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I am your Everyting
Category: Member Blogs
Once I take you in...
You will be my everything...
from within...
I will take your soul...
Take control...
Drink you in...
Take your life...
you will be my wife...
I will be your everything...
Your anything...
You will be mine...
Everything and Anything...


© Rev. JP Vanir

Faith can make it a reality
Category: Member Blogs

The Gods and esp the monotheistic one as well as mythology gets power and become real once they gain believers. Most people have no idea that the human brain only uses a small percentage of its abilities to think and remember so one can only wonder what the rest is capable of? That is what separates reality from fiction but even reality can spring from fiction if enough people buy into it. Many if not most supernatural creatures, Spirits, as well as Gods are in some way Vampyric and feeds on there believers beliefs. Vampyres have a very strong will which accounts for the allure of the Vampyre and their abilities; if a normal human can do this one can only guess what a human Vampyre can do?     

© Rev. JP Vanir

A lost world breeding Anxiety
Category: Member Blogs

Stuck in this “human” world, not as fitting for us as “children of the night”…


A wasteful breed dancing in the blinding light…


I see there uncaring nature as they torture for there food, clothes, health, joy, and vanity…


I would never do such things for I respect my food sources and treat them with dignity…


I respect those that give of themselves for my health, wellbeing, and more…


I cannot wait to be in the shadows, this Vampyres home, I will lovingly embrace the door…


What I need is going to be the end of my sanity…


I only hope someone will remain here to keep me sane and comfort me…


All these people I need though there anxiety and stress invades trying to take control…


I must keep this shield tightly around my soul…


I need a shield so it won’t take over me as the demon tries to escape to protect the shell of a man and body…



It feels like the end sometimes but my guide she covers and protects me…


It is impossible anymore to be this “man” with this demon trying to take over the “me” the rest of you see…


Dark mother please help me stay together or whatever is best to save them from the real me…


Wrap me in your warm embrace I return to the darkness once more…


Only thanks to you and my true family, a very few, do I truly press on to endure…



© Rev. JP Vanir

The dilemma of being a Vegetarian and the sin of waste?
Category: Member Blogs

I consider myself a vegetarian as I choose not to eat meat of buys slaughters meat, fur, or leather for personal beliefs. However I am also a severe diabetic and my blood sugars are not under the best control so my Dr. wants to make sure I eat right so he subscribed me meals on wheels. The problem with this is they do not offer vegetarian meals and I am given meat on a daily basis; I could offer those meals to someone who is not as strict a vegetarian as me but I am supposed to eat the meal to keep my blood sugar levels under control and I do not have many people I talk to around here. Also waste is a major sin (the first sin) in my person belief system esp something that died in vain and wasting its death is disrespectful.


Also I love respect my mom as she is last relative I have left I have a close relationship with and she often cooks me healthy meals and even lets me take most of the leftovers home since we do not make lot of money. I feel it would be disrespectful to her to refuse to eat her home cooking and I have too big of a heart to hurt her as she is very sensitive. I suppose under certain circumstances such as these since I did not pay for the dead meat and support the death of the animal and wasting its death is worse of a sin in my belief I can make exceptions to my diet? Perhaps the same could be said when one goes to community meals and food pantries?






Vampyrian Ethics and list of major Sin’s


1. You should not WASTE or disregard (food - resources): A Vampyr should not waste what he is given or treat what he is given in a disrespectful manner. He or she should honor what they are given and give appreciation for it…


2. You should not murder with out a legitimate reason (like food): Killing is waste and a crime if not for food or punishment of murder…


3. You should not STEAL from KIN or family (stealing from others should be for necessities): Again stealing is against the law and is a violation of the place in which we reside…


4. You should not HARM KIN, Life Force Givers (Donors), or the innocent with out a legitimate reason: We must be respectful of those around us unless they first harm us…


5. You should not PUSH you beliefs or anything on others: We are all free to believe as we wish…


6. You should not HARM or Destroy nature with out a legitimate reason or the natural balance of life: We must respect the World we live in and respect the natural resources we are given…


***I am not recommending that we break the human laws as that would bring our community down and that is for the area in which you live legal system to do. We must respect this world in which we reside…


© Rev. J P Vanir

PLEASE Amanda Hernandez (Lady Aromora) needs your positive energy and prayers
Category: Member Blogs

PLEASE Amanda Hernandez (Lady Aromora) needs your positive energy and prayers. She a serious infection but the antibiotics are not getting rid of it...

Boring Life of a Vampyre
Category: Member Blogs

Life is so boring here in Delaware, Ohio for a goth and Vampyre. This is the city for old normal people; Yeah Im old almost 40 but I miss the goth clubs I used to frequent when I could get to Columbus but the bus doesnt run to Columbus on the weekends like it used to or I would be the old guy on the dance floor but now Im out of shape with no outlet to keep from getting bored! Im the only goth or vampyre I know of (besides my wife) and though I have a few kinda friends I feel so out of place in this "dead" city I will probably never leave. This no place for an outsider like myself...

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