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As you should know Vampyrian TempleUVUP (United Vampyre Unitarian Pagans) is now a CUUPS: supportermaybe one day we will be official

Worst day in a long time
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Today has been one of the shittiest days I have had in a really long time...
1. I got shit on by one of my oldest friend who went too far judging me so bye bye...
2. Im broke as hell while my cat has worms and I am worried about him really bad...
3. I got stuff I need to get to get rid of and on ebay you have to have shipping up front when you havent sold much yet. So I took them to a game play and got ripped off after walking all that I said fuck it...
Stereotype or not?
Category: Member Blogs

All I desire is darkness all day, full moons, and beautiful blood - does that make me a stereotype except my love for most non human animals over people?

Happy Shit
Category: Member Blogs

Happy dancey goth? That tells you he is a shitty DJ so I skipped through it. what Bullshit

Church of Nature
Category: Member Blogs

In most religions you give donations but I give most of my donations to nature as well as my main Spirituality (website).

I guess then I have 2 churches:

1. Vampyrian TempleUVUP
2. The church of nature

Happy Beltane All
Category: WebSite News

Family are not pets
Category: Member Blogs

Non human animals are family and not products so go to the humane society first...

What I care about?
Category: Member Blogs

Vampire question number one Do I care about some person I just met? I care more about the pig the bastards just ate then I do abut them...

A big problem with the justice system
Category: Member Blogs

A big problem with our "justice" system: people get the death penalty for treason BUT some murderers don't get death which is what the deserve and neither do child molesters as well as rapists...

Problems in the Vampire Community
Category: Member Blogs

You wonder why I have issues with the "Vampire Community" it is all the fakes and those that make us look bad or as Role Players but I guess shouldn't just add anyone as my friend...

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In: New years resolution
by: Rev. JP Vanir

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