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Real Vampire Musicians

We are a community of Vampyres who like Industrial Gothic music and culture. "Come out, come out where ever you are" I have been in the goth scene sense the mid 90's. We are the Vampyres of the old Gothic Nations making our unique sound art for all the Vampyre Industrial Goths!


Our Facebook page:

Radio Station "Industrial Gothic Vampyres":



This is a group for Goths, Vampires, Otherkins, and Pagan; Whichever you may be this is the place for you. Whether you are a mixture of several "labels", someone in the wrong body, someone other than the body you are in, a hybrid or just curious as well as others who love Dark music and art in order to meet others of the Gothic lifestyle and/or community or those who are interested in dark culture etc. you are welcome here. If you enjoy dark culture, dark art, the obscure, Vampires, Sci-fi, Horror, cemeteries, Black comedy, the abnormal, etc. whether you consider your self Gothic or not you are welcome here regardless as long as you are open minded and excepting...


***Rules are simple:

1. NO harassing members on this network.

2. NO SPAM, trolling, or railroading posts will be tolerated...

3. NO destructive behavior. (Means: flame wars, harmful, or disrespectful/thoughtless behavior.) NO POLITICS, for pretty much the same reason.

4. NO illegal activity can be tolerated, as we don't need destructive activity in the Communities.

5. NO post that might tear down the Vampyre and Gothic Communities.

6. In the interests of legality, I had to make this group 18 yrs and older so please ask your parents first as we do not need to get in trouble for your own disobedience.

7. Please keep on topic in chats. NO getting sexually explicit and NO PORN/Sexual art or content (ART is fine and the body is beautiful (especially Gothic Vampyre) but no adult content - We need to be respectful of all members.) ALL problems are brought up to the admins and punishment for breaking these rules is fair warnings but then you are banned...

Thank you in advance for respecting these rules...

Rev. JP Vanir​

May 23rd 2018 Night Walker posted a new comment on Real Vampire Musicians 's page
"Anyone heard their music?"
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May 25th 2018

I like them

May 25th 2018

I will have to look them up?

May 23rd 2018

Anyone heard their music?

May 23rd 2018

Dark accordian music...accordians seem to be a lost art form of music...

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