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About Me
Here For
Friends, Networking

Favorite Music
There all kinds of music I like. OZZY

General About Me
hybrid,psi/sang/elemental/sexual/ I am an returning old member from years back with Father JP. I am glad to be back with his groups again.I study many beliefs and follow some. I am very opened minded but, I definitely don't know it all. I may think I do and I may have to eat some crow occasionally.That's good for me because, that's how we learn and grow. By sharing our knowledge together.I am hoping to meet all the new members.

Vodou,wicca, pagan traditions,zombies,wolves, Indigo, bats, sex, freaky shit, Sex, erotic art, poetry, drawing, sex, learning, reading, writing, sex, animals, nature, music,sex, and IDK

Favorite Movies and Shows
Pay the Ghost, X Men, Dusk till Dawn, Scooby Doo

Favorite Books
Servant of the Bones/Anne Rice

Shout Box
Oct 26th 2015

Thanks for adding me goddess how are you?

Oct 12th 2015

 Thank you for joining & welcome! We are a Vampyr Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampyr community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism & I hope you join us in the chat room on Tuesdays after 9pm Eastern till about 12am. The Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual souls & Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books.


Father JP Vanir Founder & Spiritual Father of TempleUVUP


TempleUVUP Real Vampyre Wiki:


My EMAIL: [email protected]

My YIM: [email protected]

Oct 12th 2015

Welcome old freind :)

Oct 11th 2015

hahahah, I think thats whats called a querk- because I live on a street called 'Hummingbird. 

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