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Friends, Relationships, Networking


Where do you live
Clearwater, FL

Favorite Music
5fdp, Ac/dc, bach

General About Me
Mradu current or mindset. Been in or around the vampyre online community for around 13 years now.

Magick, Psychology, Apotheosis, blood, prana, ki, reiki.

Favorite Movies and Shows
dont really watch much tv.

Favorite Books
Sanguinomicon (good foundation if a little fluffed) Seeker of truth Terry GoodKind. Stormlight archive Brandon sanderson, Wheel of time series Robert Jordan. Kybalion by Three Initiates. Most books on Luciferianism or Lilith.

Shout Box
May 26th 2018
Thank you for joining and welcome! We are Vampyre Temple for United Vampyrian Unitarian Paganism as well as divinity, unity, support, and strength. Our purpose is to unite and educate Vampyres on their abilities, capabilities as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism and I hope you will join us in the chat room every Wednesday except the last Wednesday of each month from 7pm eastern standard time until 10 pm on the right hand side of the network pages. Our books and services are available here:​ You can find me on facebook here: My EMAIL: [email protected] ~ You can find us on Tum
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