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I am definitely different, but proud to be me.
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Sang vampyre have been aware of this since a very young age and aware as I got older have been in past lives as well. I am looking for female donors in my area.

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Jul 30th 2016

May 4th 2016
Sorry JP I thought I was posting it in there, my bad.
Mar 14th 2016

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Mar 13th 2016
Small introduction
Where do I start, as a young child as far back as I can remember I knew I was different then other children other ppl, I felt/feel more connected to our planet and beyond than most humans, I feel I stand out from the rest in a crowd but no one sees me. My dreams where and still r filled with darkness, which I look/ed forward to each time I slept, most humans would call my dreams nightmares but not me I loved them, creatures of the night immortals and I knew I belong with them but I did not understand it yet at such a young age but became clearer as I got older. Apond seeing my very first vampire movie at a young age I was moved because that was what my dreams where telling me but I still did not understand it quite yet, my siblings where not like me not even close, I did not feel I was actually apart of the family I was with, I remember feeling like I must of been adopted or something, I noticed there where no records of my birth and really no photos of me growing up, I was told by my siblings I scared them because apond seeing me sleep my teeth and eyes glowed,so they said. I did not know anyone else like me I definitely was different. I avoided the sun as much as possible and did odd things that other children teased me for. As I got older I came to the conclusion that I must be half human and half vampire, that my mother is human and my father who which I never knew was the vampire. Through out my life my dreams always filled with vampires and one day I will be among my vampire family. Even tho those around me did not believe in such things I knew whole heartly vampires and creatures of the night r real because I feel them in my soul I hear their call, I feel their presence when their close and I feel the hungry for human blood. The intensity of this veried through out my life and still do. I spent my night searching for others like me but never seem to be able to for vampires r very secretly. Even tho I felt as tho I'm part vampire I knew to come into my fullness I would have to find those to guide me into my full ablities of a vampire but never have yet to find others like me. Some nights the call gets so intense it drives me crazy, I find myself sometimes doubting it all but I can't because this is where I know I belong and I have no doubt about this. At age 14 I finally found out who my father is and this person has always watched over us and helped my mother out at times, I just thought he was a good friend of my moms but he was a odd man I thought growing up but once I found out who he was his oddness made since. Once I confronted him about being my father, he never gave me a compliet answer and he ended up moving from his home that he had lived in for many many many yrs, why would he do that? unless he was trying to hide a dark secret from me. Ive always has felt my mother was hiding a secret a dark secret from me. At his house he had a long room off the side of his house in his back yard with beds in it and never had ppl living in it so what was it for I remember wondering but he keep it locked so I never was able to check it out. When he moved everything was gone and totally clean. Hmmmmmmm

Growing up I always have had a connection to the spiritual world like I had a door way connecting me to them and them to me, I can see them, feel them and hear them. I saw scary things growing up but learn to except it and not to fear it for it is apart of me. I would love to learn to fully awaken my full vampire abilities to its fullness. I am a very visual learning hands on type of person. As a child I would make myself bleed to taste blood in my mouth and I liked it and soooo wanted others, I had my first feed at age 42 and omg I was totally hooked and now can't get enough and am in need of donors.

Feb 28th 2016
Thank you for joining & welcome! We are a Vampyr Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampyr community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism & I hope you join us in the chat room on Tuesdays after 9pm Eastern till about 12am. The Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual souls & Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books.


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