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About Me
Here For


Where do you live
Puerto Rico

Favorite Music
Metal {Black, Goth, Power, Doom, Thrash}, Classical, Neoclassical Darkwave, Ambient

General About Me
Practitioner of the Vampiric Arts with 2 years of experience. If you wish to get to know me, message me...

Reading, Writing, Kendo, Yoga, Chaos Magick, Necromancy, Blood Sorcery

Favorite Movies and Shows
Horror, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Crime Thrillers

Favorite Books
Philosophy, Occult, Mythology, Horror/Macabre

Shout Box
Jan 21st

Well, I kinda got shot to the south wind for a while. I hope your stile active and around. I just woke back up so. im still kinda groggy. i'll catch back up soon enough. I just need som 

Sep 17th 2017
Thank you for joining & welcome! We are a Vampyre Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism & I hope you join us in the chat room on Wednesdays after 7pm Eastern till about 10pm. The Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual souls & Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books...


TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow books are available here:

Apr 25th 2016

Welcome To Vampyrian Temple UVUP Azrael Von Hazen

Apr 20th 2016
Hmmmm, sounds interesting. I look forward to exchange insights and knowledge.

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