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A Vampyre Called Sexy
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Friends, Networking


Where do you live
Philly Bitches!!

Favorite Music
💎 I'm a huge fan of all kinds of music!! 😎😎 I love to sing and I also play a bit of guitar and piano.🎼🎶🎙️🎤🎷🎸🎹🔔🎵

General About Me
💎 My name is Mary, I'm 36 and I am from the greater Philadelphia area, though I currently reside in the Lakewood, Colorado area. I'm engaged and have a beautiful daughter named Mary. She will be 5 in November. 😱😱 I am an advocate and author in the Vampyre Community. 😎 Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to drop me a line. 😍💖

💎 I have so many interests in my life. 😇😇 I enjoy singing more than anything and it is, by FAR, my BEST talent. I also enjoy writing articles about all kinds of things. I've been helping others overcome their addictions since I got clean four and a half years ago. I also enjoy teaching others about Vampyrism. 💘💘 I also LOVE pole dancing!! Pole Fitness has seriously changed my life! I've gotten so flexible and gotten some great new moves!!! I suggest this for ANYONE!! It's an insane workout and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!!! 🤑🤑

Favorite Movies and Shows
💎 Grandma's Boy, Queen of the Damned, The Twilight Saga, Mean Girls, Inception

Favorite Books
💎 Deception Point by Dan Brown, Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, The Morganville Vampires, The Twilight Saga, Vampire Kisses

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Oct 22nd 2016

Jul 31st 2016^5331
Mar 9th 2016

Thank you. I hope your afternoon was and is great :) Im trying to learn to use the new computer that Asmodeus bought us ...


Mar 8th 2016

I hope that everyone is enjoying their afternoon! :)

Mar 5th 2016

Hey sexy, I wanted to say hello. 

Feb 11th 2016


Jan 3rd 2016

I have been doing really good..

Jan 2nd 2016

Hey are you back? 

Dec 29th 2015

Vain's Box
Posted by Lilitha Vain on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 11:06:01 PM

I'm so excited lately. I've really been working hard towards my personal physical fitness. I've been working out, pole dancing, doing yoga, playing tennis and working on flexibility training for a while now and it's really starting to pay off. I am so much more toned up. My arms are starting to take on a beautiful shape. My waste is getting smaller and smaller. I couldn't be happier about this. I've wanted to have this kind of discipline my whole life. Drugs were always in the way. I've been clean now for two and a half years. It feels so fucking good to not have to wake up in the morning and wonder how I'm going to feed my habit. All I have to worry about today is the fact that I tore some muscles in the backs of my legs and I have a bit of pain. I am so LUCKY. Thank you to everyone who has helped get me through this shit. I thank you all. This is a personal journey and a HARD one at that, and it makes it SO MUCH EASIER when you have people in your corner cheering you on.


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