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Friends, Networking


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Upstate New York

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My name is Mina, A lot call me the Porcelain Vampyre. <3 I have been a part of the community (VC)for 14 yrs as a Hybrid Vampyre,and run the group The Vampyres Of facebook for our sister Lillith Darkwraith who passed away a few years ago. I'm generally quiet, but always there to lend an ear :). I do band/ Goth promotions as well. :)

I will update this more soon..for now, please check out my Fb. https://www.facebook.com/LadyObssidian

Favorite Movies and Shows
Many, but Salem's Lot is my all time fave! <3

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Sep 16th 2017
Welcome to the Vampyrian TempleUVUP
Thank you for joining & welcome! We are a Vampyre Temple for Vampyrian Spirituality, Divinity, unity, support, & strength. The whole purpose is to unite and educate the Vampire community on its abilities, capabilities, beginnings as well as focus on the spirituality of Vampyrism & I hope you join us in the chat room on Wednesdays after 7pm Eastern till about 10pm. The Vampyrian Spirituality is based in Vampyrism as we are very Spiritual souls & Vampyrian beliefs are best explained in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Books. Don't forget to join are official website

and Network: http://vampyrian.spruz.com/


TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow books are available here:

Oct 21st 2016

Oct 21st 2016

Sorry about the broken link. I removed that comment. I'll post a new one though! How have you been? Hope all is well! Hope to see you around some time soon! 



Jan 2nd 2016

Welcome to our world!!! 

Dec 3rd 2015

u r so pretty

Dec 3rd 2015

ok mina.....u tickle me..where r u ? come back in..lets grow together......

Dec 3rd 2015

Hope to hear more from you...this site needs growth and development. I'm sure you remember the old one as I do...it was the happening place and needs to be once again....................





Dec 3rd 2015

Vacation was a blast..but im back now..hey and i watched salems lot too...liked it very much..good story line..



Dec 3rd 2015

Greetings back..Very Merry meet..Sorry i been on vacation and just got back. How r u doing...It is so cool you were with sister Darkwraith. A very long time ago she played an important part of my awakening. She will always be admired by me..and many others.  


Oct 24th 2015

Hi Mina


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