happy Vampire (& Sanguivore?) Donor Appreciation Day!!

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If you frequent the various sites and fora of the vampire community (and youíre reading this, so i reckon you do) youíve certainly come across Drake Mefesttaís declaration of October 1st as Donor Appreciation Day. In case youíve somehow missed it, the full text is at the end of this post.

This has stirred up quite a flurry of activity: of the top of my head thereís discussions about it on the AVA forums, two on the VCMB, in the Black Swan Haven, on the german CT, the VVC has put a poll about it online (iíve not linked those instances requiring registration), and i reckon there are probably discussions ongoing more or less everywhere in the VC. Some of the reactions have been quite negative, and thereís been some drama, but thatís more or less to be expected in a community like the VC.

I am inclined to support the proposal. Not that iíve ever felt unappreciated or used by any of the vampires iíve donated to, and though i love a little pampering that is hardly reason to create an international holiday.

But what iíve seen is this: a donor coming into the community, telling more or less horrific stories about things their vampire has done to them. Often the vampire would have denied doubts the donor had brought up, saying to trust them, and that they knew what they were doing. Often the vampire would have actively discouraged the donor from seeking advice with the VC, or even denied them the right to do so.

Iíve not seen it often, but often enough. And it seems to me that a large majority of donors have very little Ė if any Ė contact to the VC, and are entirely dependent on their vampires for information. Most of us certainly canít seek information or support outside of the VC (Drake definitely got that right: if a member of the general public just about understands that somebody might want to drink blood, they look at donors with blank incomprehension). Though i trust that most vampires are entirely well-intentioned towards their donors, a few arenít, and for those the isolation of donors is ideal. And even if the vampire is well-intentioned the relationship with an uninformed and isolated donor is more likely to deteriorate than when the donor is knowledgable or has reliable people to talk with.

In that sense i support the creation of a donor appreciation day. Not as a day for vampires to pamper us donors, but as a day for the VC as a whole to reach out to donors. As a day for the VC to encourage vampires to introduce their donors to the community. As a day for vampires to connect donors to other donors. As a day for integrating donors into the community. If you then want to go ahead and pamper your donors a little, then iím sure none of us will complain. But let the first goal of this holiday be a reminder that donors need the community just as much as vampires do.



  • I like this alot. Not a specificly a day to just pamper us. A day to just to be shown we are not something to be ashamed of; afraid that we will "read" something into the donating partnership. If any donors feel isolated or need informarion, just give a shout. Thank you JP for the acknowledgement.
  • Well, why don't WE just start a website that is solely based on moral support for those who are new to being donors? 😵😵 We could create a big brother, little sister program for the newest newbies. 🤑🤑 This could be a wonderful support system for them. The website would include a complete articles archive with a large miscellaneous "Donor Database". This will include information regarding what type of Vampyre and/or Vampyre Donor merchandise is out there, where you can get it, and how much it costs. I actually have a great idea for this because you're right! 😎😎 There will be a chat forum and a way to connect with other donors in the Vampyre Community. 😍😍 What do you guys think about it?? 💘💘
  • For some reason the donor websites for dodnors dont last? I think one should be run by donors created by donors


  • The reason most do not last (from what I have seen) is there is not enough participation; most turn into a hook up site; gets over run by vampires, alot mistake it for BDSM site.
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