Meeting for The First Time
So you have found the vampire (or the vampire found you) you are contemplating donating to. Remember, you must be over 18 to donate There are several things I would like to share with you to help keep you safe.

NEVER answer a Craig's List Ad or newspaper ad. Talk to friends who may know someone who needs a donor or place an ad some where known and/or trusted in The Community.

NEVER meet someone right away. Communicate with the vampire for at lest a couple of weeks. Find out information from the vampire about what the expectations are; how does the vampire perceive donors. If the vampire suggest things you are uncomfortable with, break off contact. It is better to cause hurt feelings than to be injured or dead. For an example wants you to dress in a certain way or promises to "turn" you.

NEVER Give out your real name, home address or details about the area around where you live; your social security number or any pay pal or credit card info.
When getting ready to meet for the first time, tell someone you trust: how long you will be gone, the place you are meeting up. Make sure you have a cell phone that is working and way to leave on your own if need be. For an example money for a cab, bus token ect.

NEVER meet in a secluded place. By this I mean, not their home, not in a park, not any place there is not people close by. You need to be able to get be able to attract attention if you feel unsafe. Set up to meet in a coffee house, a restaurant, an exhibit, you know lots of people around.
I hope these points help you to think about ways to keep you safe. Being in a feeding partnership with a vampire you have found in a safe way; both understand and respect each other is a beautiful experience.