By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn

Blessings of Tailtiů:

"- O Goddess in the white mare, which jumps intothe good seed.


Deep the breath which dies and is reborn.
O Tailtiů, Taltiu, Talantio.
Wise and soft nursemaid of Lugh.
You which gives birth to the inspiration and has the wisdom in the world leaves Waters of the crystalline sources.
You which gives birth by the good seed of the harvests when we are needy.
Tailtiů, you come to us and always with enjoyment and sweetness you offers us your comfort.

You bring us the generosity, the fertility, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration of the light of Awen and love.
You which gives to the men, the seed, the wheat, the good seed, and the the the help to the plowings of the earth and the fields.
You who carry the spirit of the wheat, the barley, the millet, the buckwheat, and the oat.
You who are next us, cover the earth of the sweet honey and the flavor of the wild rose.
In the middle of fields of barley which would not overflow an enjoyment.
The harvest will soon pass.
But love and music will remain for ever in our hearts, by the seed which you dispences has our lands.
O White Tailtiů.
Under the powerful and solid Oak by you strengthen hundred times. 
I think then has you, perfumed and fresh.

Earth in the bent grass.
Earth of wheat.
Earth of buckwheat.
Earth of millet.
Earth of the barley divine.
Earth where everything is plentiful.
Earth where men and women sing and drink some beer.
Before the Summer goes too quickly and before the Winter brings the singing of the Wolf, squall of the Deer and its long nights.
Tailtiů for you shine the Sun and the Moon, in the light of Awen.

Tailtiů for you rain down all the pure Waters and the rains of the Gods.
You relieve the Bee and the hive full of mead under the hard work of the sickle.
By your kept silent sacrifice allows the liberation of the spirit of the wheat which is in your breast.
Grant us  the favor of credit note a good harvest! "

"-Hail Tailtiů!!"
"-Awen, Awen, Awen!!!"