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There were and are no defects to my brain, no nerve damage, nothing.

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 (have not faced a manic or severe depressive episode, the focus of my “disorder” is on mood swings), Anxiety (general, social and agoraphobia), ADD, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Disease (a form of Hypothyroidism), Chronic Pain and Fatigue Syndromes, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Systemic Lupus, Severe Dermographism and some nasty allergies (the kind where I need to carry an epi pen everywhere I go.)

I have been through the ringer with the pharmaceutical world, and I know what to do and not do as far as what I put my body through (and what I put into my body); that was a painful lesson to learn.

I treat myself holistically with a splash of modern and a whole bunch of ancient methods.

Some medications can and absolutely will affect your magick, and fog your mind but there are times when medications serve their purpose and can help you.

When the mind is clear the practitioner can focus intent with better precision, and is that not the end goal of any adept?

I don’t think people should become dependent on medications or drugs for their ailments, be they spiritual or physical.

I also don’t believe it makes us weak as people, or as practitioners if we must rely on something to better our quality of life, and overall health.

Of course, I believe that we should lead the healthiest lifestyles we can, and believe it or not I do lead a healthy lifestyle and still find myself stricken by these chronic conditions.

We need to listen to our bodies and minds regarding health as much as we listen to our intuition and magick.

So many witches practice under the rule that one must be calm with focused intent to cast, to some degree that is true.

However, I have seen many witches who can harness their madness and incorporate it into their magick.

We are all individuals and should stop comparing and competing so much.

Live and let live, live and let live.

I will end this saying, in most countries even to this day mental illness and/or chronic conditions are seen by many to be a sign of spiritual enlightenment; too bad the West can’t adopt that theory and wish to over medicate instead.


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