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A sigil can play an important part in chaos magick. From the basic to the advanced Sigils are used for all kinds of things. So letís cut to it and learn how to do them shall we?

So let us start with what to turn into a sigil. You can Google and see all kinds of intricate designs. However the most basic can also be the best. So how do we start? Well for this itís learning how to do the basics so letís take a word. Let us take the word you.

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you sigil for chaos magick

Now you see how we combined the letters of the word to create the sigil? Seems pretty easy now I wager. Of course for Sigils to work best for you itís a sure fire bet to choose a word that will have meaning for you or what you want to do in your magical working.

If you were to do say a sigil to help with money as an example you would create something that helped you think of that.

After you have the idea and design done itís time to focus more on what you want, what it will do. Pour those thoughts and will into the sigil. This is similar to charging an object with intent and your energy. It may sound simple..and that is often the truth of it. Most things are not overly complicated and pretty easy once you are shown how.

After that itís simply finding good places to put it. By your bed, out in publicÖ depending on the Sigils intent will determine the places youíll place it.

Leaving it on paper somewhere, painting or carving it. Endless ways to leave sigils out there.

This has been a basic sigils guide and I hope you all test, try and succeed with what you have learned.