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By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn


Chaudronnée Druidique/ Druidic Worship Cauldron : Rite of Prosperity

Ingredients and accessories:
-One cauldron
-One wands
-basil or oak mousse.
-Sage or fern
-Chamomile or heather
-Water cut (from a spring if it's possible)
-A plate of salt
-Offerings for the Gods

You can invite the Goddesses and Gods who guide you to join you so that they may support you and help you.

Meditate for a while or go a ritual activity related to this Boilermaker, (for example, you can perform a Astral journey or divination).

Then with your baguette of your dominant hand make circles above the cauldron in the direction of the sun (clockwise direction), to symbolically mix the energies by saying:

I call upon the divinities (Name of the divinity"s") so that my future may be serene and that everyone has something to live well in my clan.
I ask for the forces of heaven in Keugant.

I feel joys first in my visits to Asgard.
I’m asking for deep forces in Cytraul.
I feel Helheimr’s dark rest.

I am walking on land and flying in areas
May my actions guide me to prosperity.
And without acting against others.
Let it be so."


 Meditate for a few minutes and consult the gods you have invoked for this ritual.

Visualized the smoke, looked at it and carried the energies out of your sacred space.
And thank the Gods, made their few offerings at this time of the ritual, thank them for having assisted you in this magical ritual.
And return the place to nature or close your ritual space as you usually do