A day to celebrate the lives of the blood that has gone
before us! To Celebrate and admire our Elders who have
passed on to the next life. 


***MANY Candles are a must for this Ritual to honor
our recently past ancestors as well… 


Spiritual Father: Tonight we are gathered here to honor
our ancestors… 


Spiritual Mother: We wish to remember those who have
recently passed on from our lives into there next journey
and hope to meet them one day in the future… 


ALL Present: AYE - Let it be so… 


Spiritual Father: Let us now name those who have
passed on recently to honor there memory and how they
have touched our lives. 


All who wish to honor those who have passed on may
do so now and light a candle for each person… 


Spiritual Father: I lift up the Blade to honor there
spirit and the requests of these left behind in there
memory as well as cut away there sorrows 


Spiritual Mother: I pass the chalice around as we each
drink in the gifts of our loved ones… 


Each member who has lost someone drinks of the
chalice; hoping to reclaim a gift or new memory of
there loved one… 


Spiritual Father: The Ritual is now over and Dark
Blessing to you all… 


Spiritual Mother: Thank you for coming Please Stay
behind to join with us to enjoy cakes and ale… 


© Founding Father J P Vanir and Lady