Original Link: http://www.theshadowsage.com/long-distance-blood-feeding/ 


Written by Damien Ferguson


Something some may know about or have heard about is being able to acquire blood from a distance. Usually within visual distance. How does this work you may ask, well it is quite simple actually. You are basically pulling blood out thru the pores of the person and to yourself.


While not easy to believe, pulling solids thru the air, some do claim it works. While it may sound far-fetched, it does mirror similar things in the metaphysical and energy fields of using your pores to empty or pull things from them. So let us talk about it.


The method is fairly simple seeming but very hard to do. You would basically focus on the person you have chosen to try this on. Then look deeper, use your senses and “see” the blood pumping and moving under the spot of skin you have chosen.


Next you need to try and pull that blood just under the skin out thru the pores and over into you. This obviously would take a lot of practice and trial and error to perfect.


Ways you could tell it was effective and not just in your head would be the normal signs and effects one would have from a regular blood feed. As well as if you taste it in your mouth, if there is any marks left on the person. Marks like a bruise or hickey that were not there previously.