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By Cypriana Terrane



What You'll Need:

A hefty pinch of each dried herb:





Rosemary (I left mine on the branch)

Sage (Save any loose bits that fall out of smudge sticks!)



Rose petals

A special rock* or gemstone (Tiger's eye is suitable)

A pouch or swatch of fabric

** Dill will usually fall out of the mesh bags. I recommend including this only if you're using muslin pouches. You can also pin a fresh sprig of dill above your door for protection! (It will dry over time.)


How to Cast:


While concentrating on feelings of peace and security, add the herbs and stone to the sachet in any order.


When done, draw the pouch closed or tie with a ribbon. Red, blue, or purple are great for protection, but you can use whatever you have on hand.


Standing before the door to which you will affix your spell bag, hold the bag in your palms and imagine roots growing out of your feet, through the flooring, and burying themselves deep in the earth. Now envision a golden light spreading up through those roots, into your body, out your palms, and infusing the spell bag.


When you feel the bag is nice and charged, tie the spell to the inside door handle with three knots.


As you tie each knot, say the following:


This home is safe. (first knot)
This home is protected. (second knot)

This home is secure. (third knot)

Turn your palms toward the bag and envision a protective barrier over your entire home, as if your home were built inside a dome. Then say:


With the energy of the earth,
This home is safe.
This home is protected.
This home is secure.
So Mote it Be!


Now doesn't that feel all warm and cozy? Bear in mind you just tapped into the Earth's energy, so either filter your thoughts (always a good practice), or ensure that you don't unintentionally manifest something unbecoming by stating positive intentions. You can do so by saying:


The power of the Earth flows through me for the good of all Its creatures. Only good shall manifest from this sacred energy.​