Druidic Potion of Knowledge

By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn.


 Druidic Potion of Knowledge:


- a small phial.
- a Hazelnut (fruit of the wisdom to bind to the Salmon, as in the myth of the Druid Fionn MacCumhaill).
- three beautiful Oak-leaves (the tree of the Druids and the wisdom).
- a little Spring water, the ideal it is because this water comes of one spring sacred as there is in Brittany. Or a Spring to the Fairies (assure you that the water is there drinkable).

The Rite for creates this Potion:
After a day of Thunderstorm, when the weather will be still wet, with your phial, manage you towards a forest.
Find then a beautiful Oak. When you will have found it, take your hazelnut and slide in your phial, then add three leaves of still wet oak of this thunderstorm there. (This water is a blessing of Thor, Cailleach bheur or Taranis).
In so doing, imagine to store the knowledge contained in the hazelnut and the leaves of the tree. You can as me have one to think for the old Druids and tell them a prayer.

Fill then your phial with some water, then close quite hermetically. 
Hold the phial in your hands, walking deosil around the oak. At this moment  I singing, the galdr of the rune Ansuz "A", but we can also sing the name of the divinities to bind to the oak... Etc. 
To finish faced the oak and say:
" - because in you I have faith, mystic tree of the Druidic knowledge.
I collected of your being the water of the supreme knowledge.
Your knowledge so shared and sérré between my hands, will be from then on the strength of my thoughts.
My knowledge and my wisdom.
I collected straight from the Hazel tree, the water of the surpême knowledge.
That I shall taste to possess this mystic and magic knowledge. "
Then go back to your home and tidy up carefully your phial in a safe place. When the need will be felt, during one of your rite for example, drink a sip of this water to receive the knowledge passed on by the hazelnut, and the leaves of the Oak.


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