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Such a renowned word for a variety of reasons. But, in actuality, what does it mean? Does there need to be a universal translation, or is it something we each take and mold into our own belief?


Are they animals? People? Or just familiar spirits? Are they harboring a vessel to help guide us? Were they sent here from a higher power to watch over us? Or were they just drawn to us for reasons we cannot explain - just as we are drawn to places and people in ways we cannot explain - maybe we seem familiar to them, or they feel safe within our reach. 


If we take the traditional form of familiars - animals - are they supernatural entities sent here to help us on our path? Watch us, keep us safe, and protect us unbeknownst to us? Or, are they like souls, the same kind we harbor, reincarnated as a different species to visit us again. Maybe they're a completely different type of soul/being, that follows us because we are amusing to them - having so much intelligence, but unable to do mundane things like open a jar - almost as the archaic belief that they were demons given to witches by the devil. 


Maybe they're just what they are. Animals, a different species, one in which emotional connection is the only way we really communicate. Maybe we are just what we are, a species trying to find evidence of things science has no explanation for, to fight our fear of ending. 


I am unsure of what I believe. I tend to view them as the Hollywood portrayal of spirits/beings that found their way to us and are here for spiritual connection, protection from things we cannot see, and emotional support. I have an animal in my life that sometimes I feel human emotions being emitted from. Maybe human is not the proper term, but emotions that are stronger than regular "animal" emotions (whatever those may be). They way we interact - or the way they climb onto a couch - directly next to me - after stalking out of a room without me calling to them, then sit down, lean their entire weight on me and "cuddle" without me even inviting them into my space - seems more of an intelligent emotional communication; one of an "It's me. I'm here now." To add more oddness to my conclusion, this behavior (an more like it) only happen to me and never the two people living with us, even though this animal has known the three of us for an equal amount of time. Maybe this animal is just a spirit I've known, who has come back to keep an eye on me and enjoy my company.


Maybe animals just pick things in which to invest their emotions in, just like we do.


Leave comments below on what you believe/think of "familiars" and what they are to you - if anything at all.


Blessed be )O(


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plural noun: familiar spirits
a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.
(in the Roman Catholic Church) a person rendering certain services in a pope's or bisho