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by Patrizia Gardona


They have giant magical power, sustain the Earth's energy within them. The power of herbs is something unique, each of which has its own property that can be used to potentiate magical goals to medicinal benefits. And it was on this basis that we did the tutorial: 'How to Harvest and Dehydrate Herbs'. "Simply and with a lot of Magic, the harvest will be part of everyday life, nourish you with happiness and joy! So be it!"


How to Harvest and Dehydrate Herbs Collected fresh in a garden / flower bed / vases, they can be transformed into teas, baths, spices, among others. Dehydrated dehydrates can be stored in glass containers and used for various purposes such as spells and potions . This procedure gives the Witch (o) the possibility to work with all of them even when they are out of season or that can not be cultivated in certain regions.


Dehydrating Fresh Herbs Within Pagan Customs Cut herbs in the morning after the sun has already dried the dew on the leaves, but needs to be before the onset of the strongest sun during this time of day. Use a sharp knife (a boline) to cut herbs (this will not damage the plant); The knife should be consecrated specifically for this purpose. Thank the plant for its gift, as well as offer something in return, like a little water and organic fertilizer. Harvest only the amount of herbs needed, except when pruning, to ensure healthy growth for the next season.Separe by types and tie some branches with a string of natural bristles, such as sisal or cotton, but do not bunch the branches in because if the air does not circulate will make it difficult to dry.


Herbs procured already processed Dehydrated vegetables are often sold already chopped, cut or powdered. Since these actions usually need to be done prior to use in the spell, buying herbs that are already ready can make the Witch save time. But there is a caveat, identify each of them in their packaging or glass. Leaves and flowers, even pricked, often retain their characteristics, such as aroma, and are easily distinguishable. It is unlikely to confuse hibiscus with mint or basil, but others can be easily confused by those who are not yet aware. Tip: Familiarize yourself with herbs and other botanicals. Know, visualize and mentalize its appearance and smell. Touch, rub them in the hands, feel the energy of the herb that manipulates.fonte: www.alemdesalem.com.br