The following information is based on the donor being healthy and NOT anemic. It is just a GUIDELINE! Some donors can handle more; some donors less. Every person is different. I am NOT a doctor and I do not claim to be one. This author or this site does NOT promotes the use of blood donations. IF you chose to engage in blood donations you MUST be 18 or over!

The average human body holds 4.7 liters or 10 to 12 pints. One pint is equal to 16 ozs. The human body can lose 2 pints or 10-15% of this volume without any serious effects to the body. 10-15% of 4.7 liters is 1 pint,16 ozs or 473ml(cc). The most a human can lose at one time without serious health risk is 2 pints, 32 ozs or 940ml. This means you would have to drink over 32 ozs of blood to hurt your donor. Now, in my world, I do not know of anyone who could down a 32 ozs of soda at one time without taking a breath or throwing up. I am sure there are ones out there who can. Just make sure you stop at 32 ozs.


IF you take this big of a sang donation from your donor, there are safety precautions that you
need to know: You CANNOT take the maximum amount again for 6 weeks. The reason for this is. The body can replace blood volume (sodium and water) within 24 hours,but the red bloods cells themselves need 6 weeks. For safety, wait three weeks or longer before another sang donation.
Any sooner would harm the donor and the donation would only have half of the red blood cells a normal donation. Understand?


I hope this information helps the donor and vamp make the right decisions as to how much
blood is safe to take.