This is A Personal rite and is done by the one
wishing to contact their inner Vampyr Soul and it is
best if this is done during a new moon to summon
Layla or a full moon if you need awaken the
nocturnal energy of the night as this may take a
good amount of energy if you have not feed much in
a while though you should spend time in a crowd to
gain the energy needed: 


Spiritual Father (Invocation of his Vampyr Soul):
tonight I call out to my Vampyr Soul and reach into the
depths of my inner self; the spirit that is the real me… 


I call to the Vampyr Gods and Goddesses who first bore
me and brought me to my first birth and ask them to
make my past lives known to me. I ask also that my inner
soul awakens and reveals itself to me… 


(Take your blade or lancet and pierce your flesh lightly
so that a small amount of blood flows into the chalice and
drink it in either in liquid or by itself as you will you inner
soul to awaken to you) 


Spiritual Mother (Invocation of his Vampyr Soul): I
open myself up to the Darkness inside, embrace the
darkness of the night, and open myself up to the gods
and spirits of the shadow realm… 


(Breath in the energy
of the night) 


Spiritual Father (Invocation of his Vampyr Soul): I
embrace my spirit guides and Vampyr Gods/Goddesses. I
also ask you to lead me in my Evolution of my Awakening
that my Vampyr Soul becomes clearer to me every day of
my existence in the body as well as the next and that my
Loved one and Vampyr Family follows me into every
Reincarnation of my Immortal Life… 


© Founding Father J P Vanir