For Those Intending to Participate as a Potential:
To become a Potential a Member need only express
interest in becoming a Member of the Inner
TempleUVUP. However, in order to become an Inner
Temple Member, one must enter in through the
Initiation Ritual.
There are many purposes for going through the
Ritual, some of which are very practical, such as letting
other Members of the existing Fatherhood know of
your intentions to join. This can serve an Initiate well,
as other Members of the Fatherhood help to guide you
toward resources, as well as offering advice if it is
The Ritual also serves to affirm to the Temple and
it’s Council that you have committed to the Order you
chose and in what capacity you hope to serve the
TempleUVUP. There are many different roles and
duties one may choose to take on as a Member of any

Once you have completed the Ritual of the Initiate, it will
be one of your first tasks to begin undertaking an
exploration of which Path(s) you will begin upon.
The Temple certainly respects that there will be
those who will serve in capacities not mentioned in the
Orders, that Members of the Fatherhood may not agree
with the chosen Paths of others, and that Members may
be more comfortable specializing along their own Path.
We humbly ask that you consider before joining into
any Order, that we encourage you to be familiar with
other Paths, and require that you be tolerant of the
Paths of others. If this may be a struggle for you, you
may want to reconsider joining the Fatherhood of the


By taking the Ritual of the Initiate, you are agreeing
to not only commit yourself to the TempleUVUP and the
Order you choose, but to its Members as well. You are
agreeing to perform all duties of the Order in keeping
with the ideologies and standards as ascribed by the
TempleUVUP Elders.

You are certainly free to your own Path's call, but if
you intend to act as a Father/Mother of the
TempleUVUP, there are some very basic things that we
require of you.
Tolerance, For instance; we are a Unitarian Temple,
which means we are all inclusive, that we respect all
Paths. It is certainly expected that anyone hailing under
the title of Father/Mother of the Temple should work
diligently toward obtaining a Tolerant attitude towards
the Paths of others. It cannot be stressed enough that
Tolerance is a key factor in achieving and maintaining a
position within the Order of the Fatherhood at the
It is assumed that by expressing enough interest to
list yourself as a Potential, that you have felt a calling,
and that there is something that you hope to accomplish
through entering into the Order. Please feel free to
share with the Temple Elders what those intentions are;
perhaps there is something that can be done to assist in
reaching your goals.

However, please do not join the Order only to
abandon it once you have achieved the title. Titles are
meaningless without deeds behind them, and if a Member
of any Order is found abusing their title, the matter
shall be taken before Council.
It is expected that Members of the Order also take
into account in their daily lives these simple
commandments as set down by the Eldest Father and
Founder of the TempleUVUP. 


While we will not encourage
others to stray from their own Path, the majority if not
all of these basic rules are well within the scope of most
Paths as we are aware of them. They are listed within the
Site, Books or just ask an Inner Temple/Council member.
You will be expected to know the Creed,
commandments, and Rules at the time you complete the
Ritual of the Initiate. Take some time to read them over
and decide if they are something that you can live by. If
you have questions, feel free to contact the Father or
Mother and we will go over them with you. Please do feel
free to contact us should you have any questions at all,
and we will answer them to the best of our ability.


During the Ritual of the Initiate we will be asking
each Potential to name their personal Path. If you do not
have a name for your Path, or your Path encompasses
several different aspects of various Paths, we would
appreciate it if you respond with Eclectic. This allows us
to recognize your individual Path, while keeping the Ritual
within a manageable amount of time for each Potential.
Once you have taken the Ritual of the Initiate, we shall
be getting back in touch with you to discuss your
Path/Order and various other things on a more individual
basis. If you have anything you would like to discuss
further about your own personal Path, we would be more
than happy to hear it then.
It is our hopes that those Rituals will be ever
expanding through the participation of the Members of
the Order of the Fatherhood to the TempleUVUP. For
those of you who have expressed an interest as a
Potential, we thank you, and Dark Blessings to you along
your chosen Path. 


© Rev. Samilyn and Founding Father J P Vanir