List of Ohio Goth Clubs and Nights

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Bowling Green, OH - The iNation at Liquid

Cincinnati, OH - Darkotica at the Dock Complex

Cleveland, OH - The Chamber

Cleveland, OH - Gothic Nation at The Foundry

Columbus, OH - Auslander

Columbus, OH - Church at Ace of Cups & Ruby Tuesdays

Dayton, OH - Syn at Vex

Lorain, OH - Quarantine at DejaVu Night Club

Sandusky, OH - Night of the Dancing Dead Goth/Industrial Night at The Underground

Toledo, OH - Broken Glass at Frankie's 


More detailed info:


The iNation at Liquid- Bowling Green, OH (Wednesday)

238 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH 43402

Resident DJs: Darks Choir, AudioFlesh & Havok 


Darkotica at the Dock Complex - Cincinnati, OH (Thursday)

603 West Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202  

Resident DJs: Mike Dangers, EradiKate, Hazzmatt & Sideshow


The Chamber - Cleveland, OH (Friday & Saturday)

11814 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Resident DJs: Frost (Fri), Crisis (Sat)


Gothic Nation - Cleveland, OH (Sunday)

11729 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Resident DJs: Hav0k + special guests


Church at Ace of Cups - Columbus, OH (2nd Friday of the Month)

2619 North High Street (2 blocks North of Hudson & High) Columbus, Ohio


Church at Ruby Tuesdays - Columbus, OH (4th Friday of the Month)

1978 Summit St. Columbus, OH    

Resident DJs: KevyKev, Broken Boy


Syn at Vex - Dayton, OH (Friday)

101 S. St. Clair St., Dayton, OH 45402

Resident DJs: Kris and Digitails 


Quarantine at DejaVu Nightclub - Lorain, OH (1st Sunday of Every Month)

400 Broadway Lorain, OH 44052

Resident DJs: Tank Girl and The Tweakbaby


Night of the Dancing Dead Goth/Industrial Night at The Underground - Sandusky, OH (1st Friday of Every Month)

224 E. Water Street, Sandusky, OH 44870     

Resident DJ: Tank Girl + new guests and vendors every month!


Broken Glass at Frankie's - Toledo, OH (Every Friday - starting Mar 1st)

308 Main Street, Toledo, OH 43605

Resident DJs: Pockets and Havok

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Dec 18th 2015
Modified:Dec 27th 2015

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