The Morning Star, the Light bringer, the One who envied Man, God's Most beautiful Angel, Lord of this World, He who is often mistaken as Satan, and the Angel who rebelled against Authority. He who is well known by many names, across Cultures and Religions. He who started out as a Fallen Angel somehow has become synonymous with the Devil. How did that happen? How could someone of such high esteem be degraded in such a manner? He who reveals the shortcomings of Mankind's True Nature. There are pantheons of Gods and Goddesses manifested in his name, across the various Cultures and Religions of the World. Evil has become his middle name. 

What does Lucifer, the Dark Lord, represent? The knowledge that Man has been bestowed with what is known as Free Will? Or does he represent what can go wrong with Man's exercise of Free Will? This short article seeks to explore and perhaps even sow the seed of a thought that Lucifer, somehow, should be pitied and viewed in a light that not many is willing to do. 

Lucifer. Does he really exist? Or is a mere manifested form of our darkest thought - a mere Idea of a Fallen Angel. A Romantic notion it is after all. Perhaps Lucifer does not represent the antithesis of God and all that is pure and good, but another dimension of existence - of Man's thinking capacity - in the Mind. The ability to question - liberation of thought - a complete belief in one's own thoughts, ultimately revealing the ugly side of Life. 

Lucifer's Fall

It is a staunch belief that Lucifer represents one the 7 Deadly Sins called Envy. Although in all his purity he questioned God, it is through this innocent questioning that he opened up Pandora's Box and gave life to the emotion called Envy. There are some who propose that Pride is the emotion/sin that Lucifer represents, but this article's stance will be on the premise of Envy.

Since Lucifer represents all that is Dark, it is natural that with his Ordinary Virtues, he has within him now the existence of one of the 7 Deadly Sins: Envy.

No one can fathom what transpired between the Lord and Lucifer. Lord being the all-powerful, He who should have had all control of every business in His Kingdom, decided to relinquish control over His favorite Angel. Lucifer who wanted so badly to take over the Lord's Kingdom. He who felt that Justice and Fairness were not being upheld. Whatever happened to the Virtues? 

Being the Lord's favorite Angel, Lucifer should have known better. Perhaps, he felt this need to pursue Justice and Fairness. Feeling that the Angels were not being treated fairly by the Lord, as compared to Man, Lucifer took on the role and burden to question authority. 

Through his innocence, he lifted the Veil, and brought Envy into this World. The other Angels could not grasp the extent of his emotions and decided to align themselves accordingly.

The Angels, who saw the need for Justice and Fairness to be explained and illustrated, decided to align themselves with Lucifer. Was there Biasness on the part of the Lord when He created Man? Did Lucifer spot this and questioned Him?

Lucifer saw this flaw and was blind-sighted by his pureness when he failed to see that this creation of Man was a mere part in the Lord's master plan for whatever He saw fit.

Lucifer/Satan/Beast - Synonymous?

Lucifer and Satan are separate and distinct entities. Lucifer is the Light Bringer. Lucifer in many cultures and religions (though not of the same name) is usually depicted to be the Guardian of Great Wisdom. When Lucifer fell, the Beast, or the Serpent, fell together with him. This Serpent can be believed to have evolved into the Beast and later on became Satan, spawning a whole new religion in its name. 

Therefore, Satan, the Beast, and Lucifer are not synonymous names.

Lifting the Veil - Free Will

When personified, the Veil would be called a Mask of Deception. As mentioned before, there are great limitations and boundaries to Man's mental capacity. Only quite a few percent of the Human's mind is utilized in this time and age. No one can really figure out how much there is that can be invoked in Man's reasoning.

The mental capacity of Man's greatly varies amongst Humans. It is very subjective. It also depends on other factors such as Wealth, Education, and other Social Factors. It is no longer about what is right and wrong. Gone are those days.

So it is within these limitations that Man is able to choose freely. With the realization that Lucifer may exist, his eyes are opened to new horizons. What he does with it is beyond this article's speculation.

As there are two sides to a coin, there is also a darker side to this. It can also be said that it is due to those external factors that Man views his great limits to choose freely as an assassination of that ability. What used to help him now bites him in the back. 

So who is to be blamed? People with faith would blame Lucifer. He now becomes the Dark Lord, as Man would grow to despise him, having known the darkest of all emotions: Disappointment.

Viewed in this light, a question can be raised: Can Lucifer be viewed to be a representation of Man's shortcomings? The lack of Wealth, the lack of Education, the lack of Social Influence, can all these shortcomings be what Lucifer stands for?

Lifting the Veil - The Left Hand Path

Once an individual has been drawn behind the Veil, seduced and lured into the hands of Lucifer, what does happen? Will it all be a bed of roses? 

The journey continues. But in which direction?

This would be called the Left-Hand Path. What the Left-Hand Path is all about is this: The Dark. Whether it is about the darkness of Mankind, in his nature, personality or mental faculties, is open to speculation.

Within every Man and Woman is a seed sowed when he/she was created. This is pre-destined. 

This seed represents the very essence of Man: Light or Dark. This will be brought to life when he/she fulfills his/her life's path. 

When there is a Left, there is a Right. Not everyone can go on both Paths. This is a Calling. This Calling gives life to the very seed of Mankind.

Therefore it is the Dark within Mankind that leads him/her on the Left-Hand Path. With the Initiation of the Mask of Deception, the path on the Left begins. Where this will lead will only be revealed when that individual walks the path of the Inner Knowledge; a taste of the forbidden fruit is what we are all after, and the Idea of Lucifer undeniably brings us that much closer to it. He is someone we should all embrace as living and very much alive in our Minds. Whether we heed His words or shun them is ultimately up to us. Where there is Light, there is Dark.

So, listen to your thoughts. Especially to the ones that go unnoticed. Notice them, catch them, roll them around in your Mind and feel them. Go on; take a bite of the fruit. 

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