I wrote this TRYING to help both sides understand what happens when the vamp/donor comes together. (may not be reprinted or posted without permission) (The following is this donor's perspective) I have always been of a scientific bent of mind. The dreaded "Blood Bond" to me was something made up by vamps to keep donors in line. I could not have been more wrong.

My first taste of a bond happened after I donated to my first sang. He tried to warn me about it, but, I blew it off. "He just trying to impress me with his scary vamp powers ",I thought to myself. Then I started noticing little things. Out of the blue he would come into my mind (look at the clock) hummm it is the time he goes to work. I would wake up at 12:30 at night with him in my head. (look at the clock) DARN he is on his way home from work. It got to the point I could "feel" him. Sure enough the phone would ring.
This was happening after just one sang donation. At first I explained it as plain old infatuation. Then it kept happening. Time would stretch on between donations. It got so bad. I HAD to hear his voice to be able to rest well at night. Things didn't work out for me to continue to be his donor. I was thinking good now this will stop. WRONG! He would pop into my head at the weirdest times. If I let my guard down, I would text him, even though I KNEW I would not be donating to him again. It got to the point to have peace, as to stop obsessing about him, I had to break off contact. There is no magic cure. It takes time and distance.

Why did it affect me so? I can only think of one reason. I think it is because of the two energies involved.  Some vampires, I donated to in my Past, I never thought about again until I was contacted by one or came across something that made me think of them. Here is an example of WHY a regular bond and a Blood Bond are different : energies are different in each person. Think of it as: Oil and water will not mix but vodka and ginger ale will. The donation I described above is the way 99 percent of donations happen. You deal with it as you would any other kind of crush. If it works for both partners, by all means keep at it. When it no longer works for one of the pair in the partnership, it is time to move on and deal with it.
A true Blood Bond is when blood magic and energies combined. It does not have to involve sex. It CAN happen but it has to be an intense energy combination of energies connections. Here is MY personal examples of my 3 Blood Bonds out of the donations I have given to many sang vampires.


I had a female vampire I donated to at least once a month. We have a very strong bond. Something happened and I no longer donate to her.  Luckily, since I have matured and grown as a donor, I handle the bond better. I still pick up on her feelings sometimes (which doesn't freak me out now). Our partnership had NOTHING to do with sex. She was married and I am heterosexual. During this time, I would sarcastically tell her I glad this was just in our heads. If it was real it would be HELL. Another Blood Bond is with a vampire who was a child of mine in the Past. I donate to him when it can be arranged. Still no sex involved. My STRONGEST Blood Bond is with the current vampire I donate to. I am in a relationship with him plus I am the House donor.  We have a VERY strong connection. To the point I can feel his pain, worry or other emotions. His is the strongest bond. The other members, in the House, I feel less of a bond (unless it is a fledgling who has not learned to shield well).


Sabastian DeCavalier and I have been connected in Past Lives. I use to have dreams about him sporadically, from the time I was 13 until I met him in in this life almost two years ago. I would not exist without him and would lay down my life for him. I tell this story in the hopes it may help vamps and donors to stop and think about the donating relationship one maybe contemplating entering into. It will affect the donor/vampire in more ways than you can realize. Especially if the donor/vampire has never experience it before. As stated above these are my thoughts and experiences. I hope it opens the door to help vamps and donors to communicate better about what is going on with each other. Blood Bonds are like other bonds or relationships. It takes time and experience to get some kind of handle on the emotions invoked.


Do I believe in the Blood Bond now? HELL yes!