Nasty comments I have received from the music that I have listened



KISS  ”That is a boys music” from a girl that would knock me if I would not agree.


SANDRA ” That is a small girls music”


DINGO ” Neumann put an orange to his pants when he was posing at ”SUOSIKKI” magazine picture and thats why the whole band is embarrassing” ” That is a stupid girls favourite band” ” The band and the fans look like ridiculous”


MODERN TALKING ” That is a stupid disco girls music”


ILTALO DISCO ”A dumb ass shaking music at the disco that usually is listened at the countryside”


YÖ ” That is a yokel music”


HADDAWAY ” Only stupid likes that”


OFFSPRING ” That is a copy of Nirvana and Nirvana is is the only original” from a friend that would beat me if I would not agree.


INKUBUS SUKKUBUS ” You are a boring goth, because all the goths seem to listen that band”


TO DIE FOR ”I know those guys at the band and they are idiots” from a girl that seems to be quite negative against many peoples. ” Why you are even listening that band when the singer is not good at singing?”


RECKLESS LOVE ”Those are posers” ” That music is too cheerful as a heavy music”


FIREVISION ”Their Stars music video is bad, because an anorectic teenager is in that ”          (


ARMI & DANNY/FREEMAN… ” Old peoples varicose music”


CHARON ” really banal music” ( I kind of agree, even I liked to listen it awhile)


69EYES ” They boasted in a some music magazine that in the Germany they have fans quite vacuous amount and it is embarrassing to be their fan, because here they are not so popular here in our friend group”( That band start their success then and later that friend liked too about this band HAH ;))


SUNDOWN ”I`m sure that you have wet dreams about that big guy in that band HAH ;)”


RASMUS ”Did you gave your son this name, because this band?”


PERSONAL DEMONS (my own ex-band) ” You are like Jasmin Mäntylä (I think it means that I´m a beautiful,but stupid and not a very good singer?) and esA demon is Matti Nykänen”

I said to esA demon that we could advertise our band that Jasmin Mäntylä and Matti Nykänen is performing together and that would be a real horror show and now when I don´t anymore color my hair to black I could be even worst Johanna Tukiainen and that would be a super horror show HAH ;)

At the 2016 Newyear party´s I started again to hear the shitest band talk, about my ex-band when I was told that esA demon once said that the PD is not the shitest band, but Darkscore is that.


Maybe there is still more of these, but I don´t remember now!





  • I have been called a stereotype cause of the music I listen too although I do like prince and much of the 80's music so theres that at least

  • I think my favorite nasty comment is: "How can you listen to those talentless sell outs in 'band x', when 'band y' is the real genius they stole their sound from and totally underground."

    Sorry folks, but if your band is not making it to the radio and another band is, maybe your underground band isn't as smart as you think. Putting me down for not knowing them just makes YOU look stuck up about music. Now on the other hand, if you want to send me a YouTube link because you think that if I like 'Type O Negative', I may also like '69 Eyes', you look like you're helping a friend find more music verity. I may not love the link, but I won't know till I check it out. I don't mind underground music, but there is no reason to insult MY intelligence because I didn't have a friend of a friend drop that CD in my lap.

    I also recently shocked a friend by admitting I like some Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I can already hear the comments some have about pop music in m mind, but this does not actually mean I lost interest in any of the other types of music I like.

    Oh, and Offspring? Copy of Nirvana? Did that person actually listen to Nirvana? I thought they had more in common with Green Day. See, I actually like Green Day and Offspring. I more put up with most of Nirvana because they got played on the same station. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is the only song I listen to on purpose, and that's because Tori Amos did a cover of it where I can understand the words. I lose major respect for American bands that sing in English so badly that I need a translation. If I want to take time to translate a song, I can find one in a language I didn't grow up speaking, thank you.

  • What a coincidence...Yesterday, I was actually discussing this with a friend of mine. In the Metal/Goth scene, there's always the overzealous individuals. The ones that vehemently love a band and undermine the rest; even as far as criticizing the fanbases. For instances:


    Example 1:

    Guy #1: "Nah...I don't like Slayer."                                                               Guy #2: "You WHAT?! YOU F#CK!NG IDIOT!! I OUGHT SLIT YOUR THROAT FOR JUST SAYING THAT!! YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN MUSIC!! SLAYEEEEEER!! *RAWRRRRRR*!!!"


    Example 2:


    Guy #1: "I like Marylin Manson!"                                                                 Guy #2:" "ROFLMAO WHAT?!?! YOU LISTEN TO THAT F#CK!NG CLOWN?! HAHA! YOU'RE A B!TC#-BOY!!"


    It's these kinds of morons that give us a bad outlook. Therefore, people judge us like that. It's quite immature and intolerable in clubs. Personally, I don't care about polarity. Marylin Manson, Ghost and Rammstein are among my favorite bands. If you don't like them, that's cool. If you listen to band that I don't like, fine by me. Move along... 

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  • In my opinion, this kind of music taste nastiness is childish and mostly these comments of my music is happened when I was younger.Many of my friends have a completely different taste in music and it is sometimes hard to please all of them, but I have a really wide music taste, so we can change the music, if it´s too annoying for my friends! I am already thinking these nasty comments as a bit humorous childish fights HAH ;)

  • I only liked what my friends liked when I was in school until I went to my first goth club then I found myself and my music

  • I guess I got lucky on friends (real ones) and music. We didn't always like the same bands and songs, but most of us were willing to check out each other's audio addictions. I'm still getting music recommendations from gamer friends, so now I know about Nox Arcana and 69 Eyes and had my good Lutheran mom tell me to check out Faun's Walpurgisnacht.

    Some new music came up when I was attending goth clubs, but that's because someone would say "You haven't heard of them? Let me run you a mix cd so you can expand your listening." When not dealing with people who have to be the gothy-est goth ever, it can be fun. I just think some people need a reality check every now and then.

  • You nox-lumen have been lucky, if you have not had terrible fights about taste in music like I have had :)

    I listened your music suggestions and the Maypole in the FAUN-Walpurgisnacht(official) music video remind me of one ”JUHANNUS”(=Midsummer celebrations)(when I was a child) at Inkoo countryside which is a Swedish speaking part of Finland and they have those ”midsommarstång”. I fantasized then that it would be fun to run around the Maypole with ribbons in my hand, but I couldn't go to strangers home gardens Maypole to do it HAH ;) However, I might like a little heavier music to do it, so that I would be even more fun :)

    I listened Nox Arcana too and it sounded gloomy interesting :)

    I also think that it is a fun to listen others music suggestions :) After all, It is hard to find all the favorite music without friends help. But how could you send me a mix cd? HAH ;)

  • Actualy, I need to start making play lists on youtube for moods. I'll have to send links for those. We can start a music swap. I think my first one will be the 'hyper hapy techno mix' for house cleaning, then I can see where I want to go from there. My current fiction is getting a play list to that's got more blues/rock and clasic rock with a bit of neo-swing and gospel sounds since the characters feel like that style. I think I'll share the soundtrack when I'm ready to share the story.

    We could start posting links on our profiles under music to share the love.

  • That sounds great :)

  • I love Nox Arcana, as well as Midnight Syndicate. Look up Adrian Von Ziegler. He plays songs of the same genre. Speaking of which, what are your favorite Nox Arcana albums?
  • I found 'Grimm Tales' right after a dream with music like 'Labyrinth of Dreams'. I'd been looking for Miiternacht by E Nomine at the time because someone I game with recommended it, but my Latin is better than my German. I searched for 'Nox Obscura' because I remembered the song was called 'Midnight' and had Latin lyrics. Since the friend liked opera and E Nomine, I sent him a message as soon as I saw 'Night of the Wolf'.

    Since he's also a Doctor Who fan, he teased me about 'Angels Are Weeping', saying I was trying to kill him with 'The Weeping Angels' from the show.

  • I also do not know the German language well (only a bit), even my dad had a German girlfriend Marianne when I was a child and Marianne tried to taught me that language.That uncle of mine who just died had also German girlfriend and it was really funny when these both couples were like a Tarzan and Jane couples HAH ;)When we went to Berlin, Germany to visit Marianne there was played all the time Nena´s 99 luftballons hit song and I liked it a lot(I also watched the whole Nena concert from the German tv, even the language sounded to me like a gibberish language HAH ;)) I don´t know well even Latin, but my best friend have to know well Latin language because she is a doctor and she knows also better than me classical songs. I was read a lot of Grimm Tales, but in the Finnish language when I was a kid :)

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