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Ogham Blood Magick

There is a traditional form of blood magick known in certain traditional pagan circles. This form of blood magic is called ogham blood magick because it involves making ogham markings on the arms with a knife (or in extremely traditionalist circles with an obsidian blade) giving the intention of the ritual.

In order to understand this principle, it is necessary to consider the arms as “stones” and the marks as ogham characters.


Thus for example the following illustration is that of an ogham stone, which it is easy to visualize as a human arm.



The idea is to make cuts in the arm corresponding to words spelling out the purpose ritual. This then assumes the body and the blood to a specific “vibration” in harmony with the ritual.

This method was known by Alistair Crowley, who modified it and utilised it for other purposes in his document Liber Vel Jugorum (The Book of the Yoke), Crowley had knowledge of traditional Witchcraft in the East Anglian tradition, as is clear in his utilisation of the ritual of “Toad Crucifixion” in his document of that name, this ritual was known and practised in traditional witchcraft circles (not only in East Anglia) for centuries before Crowley.


As part of the rich inheritance of East Anglian magick ogham blood magick survived into the 20th century CE, and is still practised today in certain traditional Druidic and Witchcraft circles.


If we consider carefully the illustration given by Crowley in Liber Vel Jugorum, and consider his arms as “horizontal stones” one can easily work out how the technique is performed. Although the markings in the photo do not give a coherent word or statement in ogham the markings and the holding of the arms in the position indicated are clear evidence of Crowley’s use of a traditional Witchcraft and Druidic practice, as the ritual gesture of the arms when marked with small bloody incisions is characteristic of a traditional gesture used in ogham blood magick.


The method is extremely flexible in that because any word or phrase at all can be indicated, the practice can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The blood from the incisions can also be used for specially “ritually tuned talismans” and for other ritual purposes, the same process can also be used on different areas of the body for different ritual purposes.


 The practice also has the advantage of having “stood the test of time” as effective magickal practice.