Original Link: http://www.theshadowsage.com/?p=2603


The article will be posted below but I had a few things I wanted to say about it. The article is wonderful and a huge step forward not only in mentioning us as a subculture but in drawing a line between real vampires and lifestylers. Something that just previously had never really happened. It features the sex survey from Suzanne Carre which can be found HERE.

It also mentions the ava survey as well as the infamous 11 vampire survey on medical professionals and how they can indeed be discriminated agaisnt much like other subcultures(bdsm, kink, etc.)

Not only this but it really does show the various types by mentioning sang, psi, eros, and even hybrid.

Sylvere thought the article was good, though overall too short. As well as also seeing the distinction between real vampires and lifestylers as progress from the standard fare.

I am overall highly happy with it and hope it brings about new light and interest from the professional world into our subculture. Enjoy the article!