tever Deity/Entity/Ideology that you
find personally fulfilling should be included within the
Ritual when you perform it for yourself. (Modifying the
Ritual in such a manner can only add to its benefit, as long
as focus on the Self remains intact within the Ritual.) 


(I would like to suggest that if you are finding yourself
squeamish about calling yourself Divine; take the time to
explore that before beginning the Ritual. If you are not
feeling good about who and what you are, the effect of
the Ritual will not be as great.)
This Ritual can be conducted alone, or in acceptance of
those that you trust. I would not suggest performing this
Ritual with persons you have only just met, or with anyone
with whom you share any animosity. Focusing on the Self
in such a fashion can be a highly personal thing, and self consciousness
will most likely distract from the key
moments of Focus. 


Just before Gathering your tools together, sit down and
meditate. *Stretch your whole body, feel the vitality in
the very Core of you stretch along with the muscles of
your flesh. This Ritual is for Affirmation of Strength
within your WHOLE SELF. You've got to wake up every
bit of you for a little "exercise"… 


(Don't get started until you get that vibratory feeling
with every movement, use that momentum to begin).
Gather something that represents the following to you: 


1. Water 

2. Fire 

3. Earth 

4. Air/Wind 

5. Strength 

6. Balance

Suggested Items 


(Can include any and/or all): 


1. Bowl of Water/Chalice filled with Water/Location
near/on the water 

2. Candles/Fire/Symbol for Fire/Runes for
Fire/Burning Incense/Herbs/Oils 

3. Clay/Fresh Earth/Wood/Stone/Naturally Formed
Gems and Crystals/Runes 

4. Runes/Symbol/Wind chimes/Wind instrument 

should be noted to the followers of Lilith that she is
well known as a Wind Goddess, and therefore could
be appropriately honored here* 

5. What makes you think of the word Strong? It's a
big strong bodybuilder? Well, then if you can
convince one to stand in your first inclination may
not be feasible obviously, but there are many types
of strength and as many different things that can
be representative of it to any one individual. 

(If you
are performing this Ritual indoors and are trying to
be relatively discrete, a drawing would suffice just
as easily. Or even a symbol for strength, or even
just the word.) 

6. I would highly suggest scales. It is highly symbolic
for most people, but if you have an image/symbol
that you associate with Balance more readily, then
by all means, use what is the most meaningful to you
(Yin and Yang, Chalice and Blade Any or all
combinations, as you see fit). 


Think about how these tools strengthen:
Resolve, Awareness, and how they affect the Strength
of your Focus.
As you perform the Opening Phase of your Ritual for
Affirmation of Strength, take the time to also focus on
the ability you have to protect yourself from harm. Pay
careful heed to the ways that you set about "protecting"
the sacred space in which you intend to hold the Ritual. 


*I make no suggestions here as to how to do this.
(Each method is highly personal to the individual I feel,
and trying to encompass the true scope of what this can
entail would only deter from the rest of the Rite. Use
whatever is best for you.) 


Once you have set your
protections, called your corners, or hailed your patron
Gods/Goddesses (as you would), it is time to perform the
Rite of Affirmation of Strength.

Center yourself and pull your Focus away from the
distractions of the Mundane. 


*Really examine the Symbolism of that which you have
set before you. (Try to understand that just as you have
found Strength within the External, there is Strength
within you as well, and it is time to face that Strength
and claim it as your own.) 


Voice that out loud.
"I possess Strength, both within my physical body, and
within the limitless bounds of myself." 


Do you feel Strong after saying this?
My guess is that many of you who had/have trouble with
the concept that you are yourself Divine are ALSO
feeling a little odd with the notion that you are STRONG
but now you must say something even more unsettling now
you must reveal to yourself a very important TRUTH… 


Say it until you are practically (or better yet ARE)
screaming at the top of your lungs.

Granted that it won't get the authorities called to your
door but as loudly and confidentially as you can, affirm to
yourself that you are both divine and Strong. 


*You may find yourself balking, this is rather like the
reaction a lot of Self Help "tell yourself you love yourself
in the mirror" exercises go, and in this case it is generally
because you have yet to face the Weakness that you feel
is stopping you from seeing yourself as an individual
capable of Divine Strength. 


(If you feel as though you cannot retain you’re Focus, and
you begin to react negatively while attempting to do this
portion of the Ritual, it is perfectly acceptable to
substitute verbally speaking the words with writing them


It is certainly more effective to speak them, but this
Affirmation of Strength can be repeated as many
times as you need to achieve the desired result
(Perhaps you will feel more confident the next time you
conduct the Ritual). 


Once you have completed your affirmations, it is time to
visit your individual Strengths and Weaknesses.

*In this case, it is best not only to speak these aloud, but
to also write them down (Just a short description will do,
and it should be tucked away for the next Affirmation of
Strength that you perform, to show yourself the
progress you have made toward developing those
Strengths, and warding against those Weaknesses)…
Knowing the ways in which we are weak is half the battle
toward the prevention of falling victim to our own selfsabotage.

Visit each of the tools that you chose to represent the
Concepts listed above. 


*As you do so, reflect upon ways that you can use those
tools (and what they stand for) toward Strengthening
yourself even further. Now it's time to do that all over
body stretch again, let yourself revel in the space you are
in, allow the physical to encompass you for as long as you
are comfortable with it. 


*Celebrate that vibratory momentum, dance, sing, have

(Allow yourself physical release of some kind whether its
push ups, a mile run, or just taking a nice stroll through
the park get moving! Let yourself explore freely the
Strength of your body, and never mind if you can't do
what that Olympic Bodybuilder does, allow yourself to be
proud of what you ARE able to do..) 


When you have wound down complete the closing down of
the ritual. 


*Once again, I make no suggestion as to how this should
be done, as each will have their own. (But I would hang on
to that list of Strengths and Weaknesses until you
perform the Ritual again.) 


Try to keep in mind throughout the rest of your "day"
that you are indeed Strong, that you possess Divine
Strength, and that you bare a Divine Responsibility to
yourself to afford yourself those things that lead to the
maintenance and further development of that Strength. 


© Rev. Samilyn and Founding Father J P Vanir