Spiritual Father: Welcome to the Ritual of the Longest


Spiritual Mother: Yes, welcome, thank you for coming! 


Spiritual Father: This is a Ritual to celebrate the longest night of
the year, an especially sacred time, when much lingers on
the brink of death, existing in the places in between.
Many celebrate the returning of the Sun, but we also
celebrate its absence, for there is much that is beautiful
about the Night. We are gathered in a time to connect
with One’s own Darkness, to examine the journey. More
than all else, to step outside the bounds of what we
already know, and into the realms of the unknown. 


Spiritual Father and Mother: We shall begin. 


Spiritual Father: I call to thee Mother Layla (Lilith), Hecate,
and Father Set; I call to thee to join me in Ritual this,
the longest Night. Dark Lilith, come, celebrate this
Darkness with me, come revel in the deep black. Lilith,
Mother, Goddess, Vampyr Queen! To you I do sacrifice
this Light (blows out candle) Hail Lilith Hecate, and
Father Set! 


Spiritual Mother: I call to thee Kali Ma, Kali Durga, kala,
time, Mother, destroyer, bloodthirsty dancer! I call to
thee and cry to thee “Ama!” Before me, you change
shape, at once Layla (Lilith), at your feet are owls, and in your
eyes are the Spirits of the Wind, and you are Mother
still. Unto the Mother of Darkness I do sacrifice this
flame (blows out candle)…
Hail Kali, Hail Lilith, Hail!
(Each Member “offers” the light to their Deity/Divine by
“blowing out their candle”, until all are “standing in


Spiritual Father: Darkness is often thought of as a ‘time
for dreams’, for those of us who dwell in the dark, life
can often seem a Dream. It is true, the Night is not
reserved for Fantasy, but when the light has left, in the
secret dark of our selves, there is Desire born. 


Spiritual Mother: I would ask that each of you reveal to
yourself, a piece of your Darkness, something born of
your Desire. Speak it to yourself, or write it down where
you can face it for what it is. Don’t share it here; this is
for you and the Dark alone to know. (We will observe two
minutes of silence in the chat for the completion of this


Spiritual Father: I draw this blade, and with no eyes to
see it in the Darkness, I could be grasping the hilt or the
blade. (Raises athame) I am spared, it is true to me. But
had it not been, how easily a lesson learned, than to go
grasping for things in the Dark. I do not deny Darkness,
and it is true to me, but it can cut me quick, and I do not
grasp it lightly. I have great respect for that which is
Dark, and here on this, the longest Night of the year, I
celebrate its power. I pass this blade to our Spiritual
Mother. Hail the Darkness! 


(All Members: Hail!) 


Spiritual Mother: We are not monsters, we do not hide
from the Light, but the Darkness is a part of us, just as
integral, and equally as sacred. As we seek to achieve
Balance, we must meter out as well a time for the Dark.
This is that time! I pass this blade to ______ 


Member) Hail!
(All Members “pass the blade” until it is “returned” to our
Spiritual Father.) 


Spiritual Father: Lilith, Dark Mother, drink with me of
this Chalice if you will, for there are dark blessings on
your lips, and I would have them! (Drinks of chalice) Ina
Etuti Absu! Dwell in Darkness! I pass this chalice to Our
Spiritual Mother… 


Spiritual Mother: Darkness, drink with me of this cup,
for from it the blood of my Ancestors is born, and I
would have their Wisdom tonight. (Drinks of chalice) Ina
Etuti Absu! Dwell in Darkness! I pass this chalice to


(Chalice is “passed” to all Members until it is “empty” and
returned to Spiritual Father)… 


Spiritual Father: Thank all those who have joined us this
night for coming; we were honored to have you here… 


Spiritual Mother: Yes, thank you for coming, and Dark
Spiritual Father: The Ritual is ended… 


© Rev. Samilyn and Founding Father J P Vanir