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Why is it important to recognize signs of infection? Wound infections are dangerous. An infected wound can grow and lead to amputation. If the infection travels into your bloodstream, your life could be in danger. It is important that you realize this to know when to seek emergency medical help.

Warning signs which may indicate an infection:


Liquid coming out of the wound or through intact skin (drainage).
An increased quantity of drainage, changes in color, or changes in smell are of concern.

Pain can indicate worsening infection, particularly if it increases suddenly.
Redness or darkening of the skin surrounding the wound.
Red lines running out from the wound.
Warmth of the skin surrounding the wound.
Swelling around the wound site.


New breaks in the skin.
Increase in the size of the wound
Bad smell
Feeling 'unwell,' like when you have the flu
If you notice any of these signs go immediately to the emergency room. Do not delay in seeking help.

Persons with a weak immune system. Your body may not create a normal amount of inflammation in response to infection. You may not have the same amount of redness, pain, or fevers as a person with normal immune function would have. Therefore, you may not even realize you have an infection until it is advanced.

People with:

1. diabetes
taking steroid pills or steroid shots
who have had a transplant

2. HIV

3. who are elderly

4. advanced kidney failure

5. advanced liver disease

6. malnourished (not eating enough)

7. cancer

8. If you have serious medical problems, such as heart disease; respiratory disease, then your body will have more difficulty fighting an infection; so it's particularly important to catch the infection early.
If think you may have an infection please contact medical help as soon as possible.


9. If you have numbness in the area where your wound is, you may not notice changes in the wound. Nerve damage can also limit how much redness and inflammation your body shows at the wound site.