Spiritual Father: First of all, we would both like to
welcome you here tonight. 


Spiritual Mother: Yes, welcome, and thank you for


Spiritual Father: It is a very special night; it is a
celebration of the _____ year the TempleUVUP has been
in existence. I can hardly believe it has been that long,
and I am proud to see what has become of my Temple.
Thank you all for your parts in that.
We have tried to be as inclusive as we possibly could with
this Ritual, and would LOVE feedback on how well we
managed it. Last but not least, once the Ritual has begun,
until it’s end. we would respectively ask that all Members
refrain from any other activity during the Ritual and in
the Ritual space. From the moment Founding Father J P
Vanir states that we are beginning, until
the time that he says we have ended. Please respect that
this is being treated as a sacred space. 


 *We will take a few minutes here in case there are any
questions or new comers and then we’ll get started.* 


Spiritual Father: We shall begin (Raises Blade).
Welcome and Hail! Tonight is a blessed night, and we
welcome all those who would join us in this celebration of
the TempleUVUP’s Anniversary!
To begin this Ritual, we shall pass the blade, and in so
doing, hail what Deities we honor, what we as individuals
find Divine, ourselves inclusive. I shall begin…
Hail! (Shares what he would say about his Goddess
I pass this blade to Our Spiritual Mother… 


All Members: Hail!
Spiritual Mother: I pass this blade to ______ (Who
ever is next) 


All Members: Hail!

*continues around the room until the blade is “returned”
to our Spiritual Father with Hails for all members as they
are “passing the blade” 


Spiritual Mother: We pass the blade to honor that which
must be divided so that it can be shared. 


Spiritual Father: I take up this Chalice, and I remember
my Ancestors, I remember those who were wise before
me, and are wiser than me still. I know that I can come to
them for Guidance, and I rest assured that they have
Wisdom for me. I fill this chalice with Hails to them, for
one day I know I shall drink of this too. I Hail ______
(name ancestors he wishes to Hail or he can just say
I pass this chalice to our Spiritual Mother… 


Spiritual Mother: I Hail ______ (Hails Ancestors)…
I pass this chalice to ______ (Next Member)… 


*All Members continue passing the Chalice and saying
their Hails to the Ancestors until all have had a turn and
the chalice is “returned” to our Spiritual Father… 


Spiritual Father: Now we shall fill the Chalice, so that
next we may drink of it. We fill this Chalice with our
Hopes and Dreams, our Goals and our Desires. That which
we wish to manifest we put into it.
I place within the Chalice ______ (what he wishes to
place in it)…

I pass the Chalice to Our Spiritual Mother… 


Spiritual Mother: I place within the Chalice ______
(what I want to place into it)…
I pass the Chalice to ______ (Next Member)… 


*All Members continue to pass the Chalice in such fashion
until it is “full” and “returned” to our Spiritual Father.* 


Spiritual Father: Heartily I drink from this Chalice, with
many hopes that you all achieve that which you desire! As
we pass it, remember that tonight is a celebration, a
celebration of Achievement and Foundation. Share with
us, if you will, a moment that has been to you a great
achievement. I shall begin. (Share’s a moment that he
finds to be a great personal achievement. hopefully
something about the Temple crops up) I now pass this
Chalice to our Spiritual Mother… 


Spiritual Mother: (Share’s something that she finds to
be a great personal achievement)
I pass this horn to ______ (Next Member)… 


*All Members “pass the Chalice” until it is “empty” and
“returned” to our Spiritual Father.* 


Spiritual Father: I cannot thank you enough for your
attendance tonight, and your participation in this Temple.
Before we end this Ritual, I would like to have a minute
of silence in the Ritual Space to reflect upon our Mother
Earth, and our duty toward the Realm that we live in… 


© Rev. Samilyn and Founding Father J P Vanir