The terms, "Dayside" and "Nightside", according to Michelle Belanger, had its origins with the Temple of the Vampire. The use of these terms, now, has since spread to individuals or practitioners of vampirism.

Most of us wear "masks" in our daily lives; not to say that we put on false facades, projecting ourselves to varying levels, to the third person. What I am trying to say is that, reality bites. We simply have got to survive and make a decent living in this plane of existence. To harbour a contrary sentiment would be self-delusion.

Survival is what our primary objective is. It prevails over every other views one can conjour up. We shall look into these aspects of the Vampire in the following paragraphs. 


Quite literally, this refers to the day-to-day identit(y)ies that we present to our external environment. Whatever activities we partake in, in the Dayside,are what ensures our survival. The ability to hang on onto a job, for example, rests on the premise of how we balance out our presence in the Dayside period of existence.

The Dayside, read as a metaphor, represents the Light and all that it entails. Our vision betters, we are able to see colours, shapes, other beings and places - see our existence as it is, in the Dayside. There really is nothing much that can be obscured in the Dayside. 


The Nightside, likewise, represents the "Night", again metaphorically harbouring the elements of Mystery, the Unknown, with a dash of danger and recklessness thrown in.

In the Nightside, we reveal our hidden identity. This is also the time when we can be more personal and relaxed. Our hidden identity could include our hobbies, personal interests, personal life, relationships and that danger that resonates when we step boldly into the darkness, feeling all the "softer" qualities that the Nightside makes available to us. 

This aspect of the Nightside keeps one healthy and in good spirits, so that when the dawn approaches, one would be readily prepared to take on the new day. Again, the Nightside ensures our ultimate aim: Survival.

Being able to balance out the Nightside, we, in actuality, are invoking, respecting and encouraging our higher-self values such as Loyalty and Secrecy. Clearly, these two higher-self values take much time and effort to cultivate and depend on. 

To draw a contrast further between these two sides, I can draw up another simple example : In the Dayside, one may be donned in office attire, but in the Nightside, one may throw on a spiffy jacket and dress in black - something that one may not get the chance to do as such, in the Dayside aspect of his life. 

In closing

To sum it all up, one can conclude that these aspects of our lives keep us motivated to go on, for just another Day or Night. It propels us to live and succeed. This is the Immortal Life.