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Written by Ari


I have watched time and time again this “dance” so I call it. Where a donor pokes and or displays themselves in hopes to find a feeder. They’ll go as far as making them self ‘desirable’ to the palate and eye. Yet the moment attention comes their way, they seem to scurry off, leaving all those in their path to wonder, “What have i done wrong?”

I’m here to tell you when it comes to those types, there’s nothing you did wrong, nothing you said either. Sometimes people get off on knowing they were wanted or needed then bolt. Sad but true.

Unfortunately, it’s a poor reflection, not just on themselves but for donors in general. As they seem more apparent than the good ones around. I hurt for the struggles y’all face, and bothered by the fact that donors seem to use y’all for their own selfish gains. It’s like them going to donate at the red cross “supporting” those in need, then backing out last minute because they didn’t offer a higher pay. Sometimes the intent folk have…. smh. (I swear I don’t understand people anymore.)

Moving on-
The second type of narcissistic donor is one who doesn’t get their way, and becomes the victim. They turn it on the feeder, as if some type of abuse happened. Either because the feeder didn’t commit, give sex, acknowledge them to their standards. Want to go outside of agreed terms and told no, aren’t being fed from enough. The list goes on for days and can include all kinds of things. Just because one may be the donor or female does not mean they cannot be the abusive or bad one as well.

In a world where you are now respected as a donor, and don’t want to be treated as food, why push and flaunt yourself like so?

Pulling on their beast only to make them feel bad for acting upon the signal you put out, or making them feel as if they have wronged you… in my honest opinion. It’s you who is in the wrong here. It leaves a reeking smell among the rest. This isn’t a game, and you aren’t some hot candy they can’t wait to sink their teeth into (literally and metaphorically). They are in need of a solution, either be one or move for those who can.

Secondly, why try to sabotage a feeder because you didn’t get your way?

Yes, feeders have a great responsibility when it comes to the “process” of receiving/taking.

However, WE as donors have an equal responsibility to be respectable, logical, educated on how our actions cause a reaction, and NOT manipulative oozing with narcissism. If you can’t handle the feeder actually upholding what was agreed to, DON’T be a donor. The only thing that will bring is chaos, to you, them, and the people you leak your lies to.

-Serene (Ari)