Temple Spiritual Fathers, Priests, Teachers, Reverends, and Theologians:


These individuals are very spiritual and often good at teaching or leading; they are very sensitive to energy all things around them and for that reason there ego can sometimes take control of them if they are not careful. They often are very hard workers and need to feed a lot and are very strong Vampyres. They love to learn as well as teach and lead. We also tend to suffer a lot if we do not feed enough and our physical bodies are not as strong as our spiritual (Vampyric) soul. They can be good at learning but often ONLY under our own conditions and can be considered autistic, indigo and sometimes even misdiagnosed as learning disabled or ADHD. As Vampyres we all have a spiritual soul which has difficulty in such a small confined human body and is very unfitting for our divine soul. This Order has the most difficulty of all the others. We usually require much feeding from multiple sources and our more open to energy drains from other sources (emotional). We are also very good at naturally taking in energy so we must also be careful not to damage our physical bodies by doing such and we have the ability to do more psychically if we can open ourselves up to it enough. Priests can often be domineering, OCD, obsessed with control. They are the fewest of our kind...


Temple Clerk or Keeper of Scrolls and Temple Ambassadors:


Clerks – Keepers of the scrolls are generally very organized individuals and good at keeping records, typing, writing (notes) and/or Computer skills. They are also often very good at helping people with there various problems and counseling; often including manipulating energy. Both the Keeper of scrolls and Ambassadors are good at assisting the Spiritual Fathers/Mothers and often like to do whatever is necessary for the needs of the Temple. Ambassadors are good at promoting, feeling how we should go about promoting our goals to the mainstream, and dealing with the public. They generally have a lot more energy than most of our kind and often are good at manipulating energy. They are the most active of our keep and good at performing various duties in the Temple and helping were ever they are needed. The most active of our group physically because there body allows it (not counting donors) and the Spiritual Father/Mother bodies are limited (though there spirit is very strong indeed).


Temple Life Force Givers and Temple Musicians/Artists:


Life force givers are the life givers in the Temple (not Vampyres) and can be good at grounding energy at times. They often have too much energy and need it taken from them in order to feel physically, mentally, and spiritually well. Life force givers can often have the same or similar physical, mentally, and spiritually problems as Vampyres who don’t feed enough if there excess energies are not taken from them.


Temple Musicians are our music makers, singers (lyricists), poets, writers, and artistic individuals (Some are Vampyres, some human, and some Otherkin a like). Music is a very important part of spirituality, rituals, and the proper feel for energy.


Both Donors and artists such as these are often good at Grounding energy and keeping a mellow safe atmosphere when it is needed. These individuals are usually not Vampyres or Vampyric or have a very little need for any other sources of Energy.


© Founding Father J P Vanir