Vampyre Gods and Goddesses

Vampyres are the gods of darkness and chaos so we must embrace this to evolve and become stronger; we were created from the darkness and are creatures of the darkness. Sadly a very large population of the Vampyr community wants to stray away from the spirituality of Vampyrism often confusing it with religion and believing it will cause too many issues in the community but politics alone will do that and that is hard to keep away from that in any community but it is a pain indeed.


However there are a few decent sized organizations that practice it as very important but few actually name the Vampyr Gods they believe in or at least I have never seen them mentioned but I will try and shed some light on that subject. The only Goddesses or demon’s who have gotten a good amount of press are Layla (Lilith) andTiamat though of course not a lot is written about them. Through out the
centuries many cultures have had very strong beliefs in Vampyrism and some have seen it as spiritual or ritualistic. It has even been traced back to ancient the Sumerians and Babylonian beliefs.




Layla (Lilith)is one of the first Vampyres and though she was created she evolved into something more (a goddess) through her constant mating with other gods taking their energy and power. Not to mention being created at the beginning by a Vampyr, learning from him, and taking from her mate who we are told is made in his image. She learns of her power and learns she is not the submitting type as Yahweh as well as her mate would want to believe a woman should be
(typical males). She is then admired for her lust and power by other men as well as demons which provided her with more of what she needed. 
Samael and Layla (Lilith) are lovers and have a similar dislike for Yahweh for his HATE of his own kind as well as those who refuse to bow down before him.





In the Kabbalah, she was transformed into the Shekinah, the female form of God which dwells in man, (from shachan, schechinah, meaning to reside). The seed of the Tree grows in the Garden within, actualized by the Awakening of the Serpent Power. This is brought about by the Sacred Marriage. Female angels were often called wind spirits, and
Christians called the Shekinah the Holy Ghost. The concept of female wind spirits who originally brought man spiritual inspiration andguidance, only to later become identified as evil spirits, passed from Mesopotamia into the surrounding cultures. When we examine some of these, we can see the echoes and transformations of Layla in many different forms.


She is our most well known Dark Mother. I have been linked to her as a direct descendant and have felt her protection my whole life. In fact I have been in some pretty bad places, and still came out in every situation quite well. The Goddess Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of
War, who punished the enemies of Ra, and drank their blood when they conspired against him. (For this she is also viewed as a Vampyr Goddess.)






Set was a bit of a chaotic God, which the Christians link to there Satan and him with Vampyrism as well. I link Vampyrism mostly to: the Fallen Angels, Demons (Gods), The Nephilim, Layla, Set, Sekhmet,Lucifer,


Ancient Greek she was also called Lamia or Strega, who was a black bird which flies at night, and seeks children whose blood it can drink. Lilith is often pictured with wings on her back, as a bird, and with her feet as eagle or owl feet. Most of her ceremonies are performed at Dark Moon, as she is the darkness and chaos of the world.


She is at the very core of our dark side. Rituals to her can be done in solitary as well, but only at Dark Moon.

The difference between it being done solitary and in the House Meroc is that the House acknowledges her power in all three of the moon cycles, while in solitary work she shall only be acknowledged during the duration of the Dark Moon. 



Layla was the female aspect of one of the night wind spirits which was originally associated with guarding the gateway between the spiritual and physical realms and were found on temple doorways. She is also guide to the wisdom of immortality holding the Rings of Shem; these are the oldest symbols used to show one who has gained immortality by
passing through the Underworld to gain the sacred wisdom of the Tree of Knowledge. She is the Goddess of Sex and (female) domination.

If you read the texts (as well as the bible) written about the Christian God (Yahweh) you will see him as a Vampyr as he feeds on his followers worship to make himself more needed and powerful. I have come to this conclusion after reading these texts about him as I said as well as going to his
church and feeling the amazing energy his worshipers create, believe me, it is a most tasty meal.



• She lies in nothing but is everything


• She is the Dark Vampyress queen of the night


• It is through her that we awaken ourselves to the world that which is and that which is without


• She reminds us that we can not allow ourselves to be limited to one way of thinking


• She allows us to see that all her children are equal


• She is the sexual life force of the urban jungle that is of this world


• She is the inner rebel and changer of events


• Our queen is the expression and acceptance of that which the world tries to deny


• Layla is a release from the normal mundane perception of what we call this reality


• She is the transformer and the bringer of chaos


• Her reverence is not necessary for redemption or salvation, but for the soul to grow and expand from our feeding of her essence


• She lies in everyone and is awaken through ritual or self realization of one’s inner most darkness. The union and acceptance with this darkness makes us powerful


• Acceptance is the very foundation which makes us whole, and it is Layla that teaches us that becoming whole comes from this acceptance, and indulgence of the mind and soul


• We must through her become the very essence of what she represents


• Revere and honor our queen but not worship her; as we should worship nothing above us as if we are less than them.


• She is ruthless, destructive, and merciless. Our actions bear results from her


• ‘The Darkness’ is the pure expression and embrace of our darker half; useless aggression and violence disgraces Lilith as we need our kind and the humans for their life-force



• Remember her children are sacred. So it with this that you may not in anyway disgrace her by needless violence


• Her wraith is as vile as our worst nightmares. With that wraith lies in the events of your life; for Betraying her, you betray all her children and yourself! She is our queen, and mistress



Most Gods and Goddesses are Vampyric; Feeding on the Energy of there Worshipers especially Yahweh. Satanist and other certain religions have realized that you can be your own God as well as reach divinity and as Vampyres we come from Gods and are part God as well as human. Other possible Vampyr Gods/Goddesses are Kali, Sekhmet, Lucifer, Set,
and even Yahweh. As I mention before although Layla was created as a human she became a goddess and succubus by taking the Energy of other gods making her a goddess herself; She also spoke God's avowed name and flew into the air taking his Energy as well and becoming on of the first human Immortals. So it may be possible through time an
original normal human may be able to achieve what Layla did and become a Vampyr as well but I have much to learn about the evolution of the soul...





***Lilith library The_Legend_of_Lilith.html


Thanks to ChakkraaMorningstar for help on this research of these Vampyric Gods and Goddesses:


Layla(also know as Lilith and Lilitu), was a relic of an early rabbinical attempt to assimilate the Sumerian-Babylonian Goddess Belit-ili, or Belili, to Jewish mythology. To the Canaanites, Lilith was Baalat, the "Divine Lady". Hebraic tradition said Adam married her because he grew tired of mating with animals, a common custom of Middle-Eastern herdsmen, though the Old Testament declared it a sin.
Muslims were insistent on the male-superior sexual position and apparently she was not Muslim, disagreed with Adam and flew away to the Red Sea. Yahweh sent angels to bring Lilith back, but she refused to return.



She supposedly spent her time mating with "demons" and gave birth to "a hundred Vampyres a day". So Yahweh had to
produce Eve as Layla's more docile replacement. She became the "Great Mother" of settled tribes who resisted invasions of nomadic herdsmen represented by Adam. Early Hebrews disliked the Great Mother who is said to have drunk the blood of Abel after he was slain by Cain.


Layla's Red Sea was another version of Kali Ma's Ocean of Blood, which gave birth to all things. There may have been a connection between her and the Etuscan divinity Leinth, who had no face and who waited at the gate of the underworld along with Eita and Persipnei, (Hades and Persephone) to receive the souls of the dead. The underworld gate was a yoni and a lily, which had no face. Admission into the underworld
was often mythologized as a sexual union. The lily or lilu, (lotus) was the Great Mother's flower - yoni, whose title formed her name.


The story of Lilith or Layla disappeared from the Bible but her daughters, the lilim (Laylim), haunted men for over a thousand years. The lilim were thought responsible for nocturnal emissions and the Jews still made amulets to keep away the lilim well into the middle ages. Greeks adopted the lilim and called them, Lamiae, Empusae, or Daughters of Hecate. Christians also adopted them and called them
harlots of hell or Succubi. They believed that she laughed every time a Christian man has a wet dream. The Daughters of Layla were supposedly very beautiful and presumed to be so expert at lovemaking that after an experience with one, a man couldn't be content with a mere mortal woman.



Other Possible Vampyr Gods – Goddesses:


Hecate, SEKHMET,Tiamat,Kali – Ma,SET,
Lucifer, and even Yahweh


Tiamat (Babylonian Goddess) - Goddess of primordial chaos.


Sekhmet (Egyptian Goddess) - Avenger of a plot against the Gods, she developed a taste for blood after drinking it from the humans she killed.


Kali - is a Hindu deity known as the Goddess of Death or the Dark Mother. She is described as a black voluptuous woman with bloodthirsty eyes, which human blood drips from her long tongue thus the very strong connection for modern Vampyric practitioners of all forms of magick. Human skulls hang on strings around her body, snakes writhe around her neck and in each of her ten hands there are weapons. Kali is the Goddess of Death; she had to destroy everything since no visible thing is eternal in this sect…



Kali-Ma - is distinct from Kali, as she is the ancient Hindu Goddess of change and transformation. Kali-Ma is the energy of destruction that brings forth the new life through death. By facing the energy of change, our lives are transformed. Vampyric practitioners that follow this deity are more concerned about change in the world and their social conditioning within the Vampyric religious society.


Set - Many practitioners in the Vampyre community link vampyrism back to the Egyptian God Set. Egyptologists have recently suggested that Set is just a deification of an Egyptian high priest from very early times, and that the rivalry between Set and Osiris represents a rivalry between competing temples.


In the Setians' view, Set was a high priest of a temple who developed a ritual of death and rebirth that allowed the soul to achieve immortality. The Setians believe that the rites described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are only improperly recollected versions of this ritual. Set chose 72 associates to undergo this ritual with him and to travel eternity as undying spirits which were eternally renewed. The Vampyric condition was a side effect of this ritual.
They also believe then that vampyrism is a spiritual condition, and it represents immortality as the soul is immortal and capable of reincarnation. Through past life regressions one can recall itself. Setians feed primarily upon life energy and generally abstain from the physical drinking of blood.

(House Kheperu)


Lamia - Greek Vampyric entity who takes the form of a snake a beautiful woman or a woman with a snake's lower body. She is said to seduce young men and then kill and eat them. She is said to do this, and to kill children in vengeance against the gods. She is said to have originally been a Libyan queen deserted by Zeus, whom his wife Hera robbed of her own children.


Lucifer - Lucifer is one of the many names given to "the Devil" (the Prince of Darkness) by Christianity. Lucifer means "light bearer" (sometimes "bringer of light" or "the dark"). Lucifer was originally an angel of light; however, he has been classified among medieval demons & devils because he "fell from grace" by rebelling against the Elohim. In the theosophical tradition, he has been looked upon more kindly & is regarded as a personification or archetype of the independent & self-conscious mind. For the uninformed, Lucifer was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Prometheus who was punished by Zeus (tortured) for stealing fire from mount Olympus to give to the dying race of humanity, who had fallen into disgrace with Zeus (and was too much of a pussy to survive anyhow). He's one of the few origins of
the Christian devil that can be traced back to its original source.




Hecate (Cerridwen) - associated with the Underworld. She is a Triple Goddess and possesses all three aspects of the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. She is associated with Vampyres due to her blood consumption. However, Hecate is most noted as the Dark Wise Crone who left the
Underworld at night and haunted the crossroads with blood thirst.


Statues of her were set-up at crossroads; libations and offerings were made there to appease her appetite in order to limit her human consumption of blood. The Empusai were believed to be daughters of Hecate, who came out of Underworld at night with equal bloodlust. According to
folklore, the daughters were known shape-shifters whose natural form was said to have one leg of a mule and one leg that was bronze. They took the form of beautiful women to seduce the men. Their reputation included preying upon shepherds in their fields at night and men who
traveled at night. The daughter Goddess Empusa is the most renowned Vampyric daughter of Hecate.


Cain - (not to be confused with the Role-play Cain) too many, Cain is considered the Father of Vampires and holds a Demi-God status. The lore of Cain is based on the fact that Cain was the first murderer and that when the Christian God sent him out to wander in the world, He cursed Cain with immortality.


Some Lilithian traditions link Cain with Lilith (Layla) due to both being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Cain has without a doubt been a dark individual in the tale of slaying his brother Abel in the Garden of Eden; however, it is unclear if he was ever clearly depicted as Vampyric before then. Most Cainites drink blood, although they also supplement this with life-energy. Most Cainites drink blood, although
they also supplement this with life-energy.


Yahweh – Is the Christian
god that most of humanity believes created the world alone and is perfect, awesome, and absolutely good. My version is that Yahweh created some of the first Vampyres and is a very jealous God wanting all of mankind to only worship him as worship is a very powerful energy source. He was a different type of Vampyr though; unlike most of our kind he was of the holy realms.


Jesus Christ - Jesus was the son of Yahweh in the flesh and healed through his Vampyr healing abilities. His blood was also shed for eternal life and healing. He also rose from his first death though he did pass on. He was also a different type of Vampyr though. Unlike most of our kind
he was of the holy realms.




The Nephilim - This definition is taken from Lexicon of the Sanguinarium. The Nephilim is a widespread belief within the Vampyric community which asserts that vampyres are the descendants of the Nephilim. The Nephilim are demi-human beings who were sired by angels, as related in Enoch I, a book that was dropped from the Bible in the early stages of its canonization. Some Nephi lists believe that the Vampyric condition is genetically traceable to these otherworldly


Others are content to suggest that the Nephilim simply represent a higher kind of being which came down and intermingled with humanity. As far as the beliefs of the second order of Nephi lists are concerned, vampyres experience their condition because they are more spiritual
than most beings, with a higher "vibration" or "frequency"
to their spirit which somehow burns their bodies out quicker and makes it necessary to feed (which is what we believe as well). Some Nephi lists feed upon blood, while many others feed primarily upon life-energy. Most seem to incorporate blood into their magick and ritual.


The Hebrew word Nephilim is plural for Nephil or fallen one. The term applies to both the fallen angels (the giants) or the tall heroes and man of fame that intended to become a new ruling race on Earth. Mostly it applies to the fallen angels (that at least in some cases) which looked tall, pale, blond, probably blue eyed men. There came forth from heaven as it were the likeness of white men (1Enoch 86;1) .

Anath (Canaanite Goddess) - Blood drinking Goddess. She was fertilized through blood, and even other Gods feared her.


Babalon - Crowley's numerological-derived spelling. Another name for the Scarlet Woman, regarded by some to be a terms meaning a fire elemental. The great whore, there are several goddesses who are regarded as possible identities for her, including Astarte and Lilith.


Baccus (Greek God) - God of Wine but also drank blood his followers drank human blood and it was said to make them crazy as well as aligned to the god for enternity. (Bacci

were said to be his supernatural Vampyric women servants)


Cihuacoatl (Aztec Goddess) - Blood drinking Goddess. Known as the snake woman, she traditionally has two knives sticking out of her forehead.


Chirops - A Bat God; one of the mysterious "supreme" deities. In Mesoamerican religions, the bat stands for enlightenment, since it awakens in the darkness. The Mayan god (equivalent?) is Camazotz.


 - The supreme goddess of the Sumerian underworld. Nergal is her consort. She is often considered Ishtar's sister. When angered, her face grows livid and her lips grow black. She doesn't know why Ishtar would visit her, but she allows her in, according to the ancient rites. She instructs Namtar to release his diseases upon Ishtar. When 'His appearance is bright' tries to get her to swear an oath, she
curses him. She has Namtar release Ishtar in exchange for Dumuzi. Anu sends Kakka to her with a message and then sends Nergal to give her a throne upon which she is to sit and give judgment.


She offers Nergal food, drink, a foot bath, and entices him with her body. Eventually he succumbs and they sleep with each other for seven days. She is enraged when he wishes to leave. She sends Namtar to heaven to request that Anu, Ellil, and Ea send Nergal to her as one of the few favors she has ever had. If they do not, she will raise the dead and they will eat and outnumber the living. Nergal is brought back. In some versions of the myth, Nergal takes control of Namtar's attendant demons and grabs Ereshkigal by the hair. In this position she proposes marriage to him.


Gargophias - In the Quabbla Gargophias is the 13th guardian of the dark Tarot. Grant calls it batrachian
witchcraft, Hecate's, the goddess Frog-Head. As the High Priestess watches implacably at the cliff edge of the Abyss for the magician to make his solitary leap, Gargophias waits for him to leap into the depths of sexual union (the mating of Chaos and Time). Her magic is dream interpretation and clairvoyance. The disease of Gargophias is menstrual malfunction.


Hathor (Egyptian Goddess) - Hathor is often the Goddess spoken of in the Sekhmet myth.


Hadit – Is a Chaldean version of Set, according to Grant, and the divine seed of manifestation (the divine spermatozoon or serpent). As Nuit, according to Crowley, is "infinite space," so Hadit is the infinitely small or atomic center. By extension, Hadit is the equivalent of Lucifer, who is his own Holy Guardian Angel and the "seed" of our hell-world. Hadit can also be the manifestation of Nuit, as the child, Horus, is the manifestation of the Mother. The Isis-Horus connection to the Christian Madonna and child, after all, is well established.


Nuit – The Egyptian goddess of night.


Pazuzu (Also P'azuzu) - An Old Mesopotamian demon depicted with four wings and a fearful countenance, with a scorpion's tale and rotting genetalia (appears variously in Assyrian, Sumerian & Babylonian lore). In Babylonian demonology, Pazuzu is the son of Hanpa, father or brother of Humwawa. He is the Lord of the evil spirits of the air. Pazuzu, "Lord of the wind demons," spreads fever and cold and horrible diseases. Loosely, he might be described as a "Bringer of Plague." There are a vast variety of charms and spells to ward off Pazuzu's influence, and he himself has been called upon and made offerings to in order to ward off his influence and that of other devils.



Pazuzu was used on amulets to banish the baby killing Lamaschtu. He is also called upon to aid in curses, particularly by modern magicians. Should you choose to work with Pazuzu, precautions that should be taken as his temperament could be described as insane and unstable to say the least? Firstly, whatever the English language version of the Simon Necronomicon says, Pazuzu is most definitely NOT equivalent to the Demon Choronzon, and should not be worked with as such. The Simon Nec figures that the Dunwich Horror is related/equivalent to Choronzon (in Crowley's work) and Pazuzu (in Sumerian magick). 


Secondly, if you work regularly with Lilith, and decide to work with Pazuzu, expect fireworks. This is related to Pazuzu being used to counter and protect babies, children and pregnant women from Lamaschtu, Lilith's Sumerian incarnation. Pazuzu's primary expression of displeasure and annoyance seems to be disease - for example, all 3 people in the household when he was worked with suffered a variety of interesting diseases. I forget the specifics of one, but it seems that the diseases were appropriate for the people in question. A member of the household who has a distinct feline aspect got cat flu, while an individual who associates with serpents got stomatitis (throat/mouth rot, which turns up rather nastily in reptiles). Yes, these were checked out by a doctor. All illnesses virtually vanished the day after the Pazuzu talisman was removed from the altar.

Pomba Gira - Pomba Gira and her sisters are the female companions of Eshu. Pomba Gira is said by some to mean "spinning pigeon" because a person possessed by her begins the manifestation by dancing and spinning drunkenly, although this is just one interpretation of her name. The character of the Pomba Gira is primarily lascivious, promiscuous, pleasure-loving and free of all inhibitions. She has quite a lot in common with the succubus of European demonology but without the sinister overtones. She has also been compared the Mesopotamian goddess/demoness Lilith or Layla. She likes alcohol and sex and both can be indulged in her honor or used as an offering. She can be called upon to bring about the satisfaction of love, lust and vice.


Typhon - Draconic earth demon of Greek legend. He was said to be of human form down to his thighs. From the thighs downward he had huge coils of vipers, which when drawn out, reached to his head and emitted a loud hissing. His body was de-winged and fire flashed from his eyes. Typhon hurled fiery rocks and breathed fire.



He loomed above the mountains, and brushed the stars with his head. One of his hands reached out to the west and the other to the east and from them projected a hundred dragons' heads. Father of the Chimaera, son of Gaia and Tartarus, Typhon's half-sister (and, according to some legends, his consort) is Echidna. In his childhood, Gaia told Typhon of the evils Zeus had perpetrated upon her other children. Later, Typhon went to war with Zeus and his gods. They fled to Egypt, Zeus attacking him with thunderbolts from a distance. Typhon eventually captured Zeus, who had to be rescued by Hermes and Aegipan.


Legend has it that in a later battle Zeus finally defeated Typhon by casting Mount Etna in Sicily upon Typhon, where he was guarded by Hephaestus, who rendered his escape impossible by fitting giant anvils to his head. Earthquakes are said to be caused every time Typhon struggles to escape, and his fiery breath still erupts as lava out of Mount Etna. Typhon is also used as another name for Set (Slayer of Osiris). In the Wheel of Fortune, Typhon is the destructive force of existence related to Capricorn (the culmination of Pisces' dissolution). A god of evil winds, Typhon is the origin of the word, "typhoon."



Yama - Lord of the Underworld, our first father and the angel of our death. Yama is the Hindu equivalent of Pluto, the guardian of Hell. But along with the dreaded Yama is the even more intimidating Yamataka, Yama's destroyer who is both a bodhisattva and an aspect of Shiva. He is black, has many heads, eyes, legs and arms bearing mystic implements and human skulls. He is engaged in intercourse with a female bodhisattva, a concubine/succubus. Another of his names is
Varja-Bhairava ("Terrible Lightning") and he is the protective God of the Tibetan temple of Gelugpa.

Author:JP the DDG Aspie Vamp
Published:Oct 13th 2015
Modified:Dec 14th 2017

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