Real Vampyres are as human as you or me, but what kind of traits do they have? What is their personality? What do they look like? What are their special abilities that most normal humans do not have? What is so special about them? What is not so great about being a Vampyre?

In this essay, we will discover the answers to these questions as well as study the traits of the modern-day Vampyre. The following is a list of Types of Vampyres:














Adaptive Psi

Eclectic Psi

Vampyres have all different kinds of personalities. Some are out-going, friendly and flirty, some are bitchy, some are introverted and some are extroverted. Hell! Some even have the personality of a doorknob! Just because someone is a Vampyre does NOT make them necessarily interesting! Vampyres are people like everyone else. They have their good qualities and their bad.

Vampyres come in all shapes and sizes! No, they do not have pointy teeth, often referred to as "fangs". These fangs do not exist on a human and I will refute any human that says they have them. They were either constructed by a DDS, or made by a fangsmith. Another myth that can be debunked is the pale skinned Vampyre. Not all Vampyres are pale! There are African-American Vampyres. Do you think they are pale?? Of course not. Some Vampyres are strikingly handsome or beautiful. Others are so ugly that it hurts to look at them!! 

No Vampyre is 1000 years old. If they tell you they are and are actually serious, they are either delusional or lying. You also can not "turn" someone into a Vampyre. I don't want to hear it. I don't care who tells you that this is true. It is not and I will refute this with all that I am. You are born a Vampyre and awaken in your own time.

Vampyres do, however, have some abilities and are capable of things that most humans aren't. For example, a Psionic/Psychic Vampyre has the ability to take energy from another human or other source, manipulating the energy around them to suit their benefit. A Tantric/Sexual Vampyre can do the same thing while having sex with their partner. They know that they are doing this. It's a conscious decision to do so. These Vampyres feed on the life energy that comes from having sex and especially the hypersensitive energies generated during orgasm. They can do this psychically or from bodily fluids or both. 

Some people will argue that Sanguinarian, or Blood Vampyres, are also psi/psy. I happen to agree and I am a Sanguinarian, yet, I have some Sanguinarian friends who feel differently. This is just my opinion. I use a few drops of blood as a focal point when feeding from my husband. Some Sanguinarians feel that the blood is all they need. In my opinion, this type of Sanguinarian has no ability that a human doesn't have and therefore is not a Vampyre.

Empathic Vampyres feed from the emotions of their donor and if not from a donor, than it's an attack on another human. A person does not have to be a "donor" for us to feed from them. We can feed off of anyone, however, to do so is unethical. The Temple of the Vampire (TOV) refers to humans as "cattle". They think that their sole purpose on this Earth is to fall victim to our attacks. I do not agree with the principles of the TOV. I think they are immoral.

Astral Vampyres are able to travel through the astral plane and feed off the life-force energy of other entities in the astral plane. They are able to materialize in astral form and feed off the life-force energies of people that are usually asleep.

As there are good aspects to being a Vampyre, there are some bad aspects as well. First of all, you are always having to deal with the skeptics and the people who want you to "prove" your Vampyrism. I suggest that you pay these people no mind. That's like asking someone to prove that they are alive. How does one do that? They don't. They just are. They just be. Just like us! We just live and are. We exist. 

Another bad quality of being a Vampyre is that many of us suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy. As if life wasn't hard enough, it's worse when you can't get any sleep. We also have to deal with the people who think we are complete head cases. If only they could walk a mile in our shoes. Maybe things would be different.

The point of this article, ladies and gentleman, is to not only teach you a little bit about Vampyres, but to show that Vampyres are people too. We have feelings just like everyone else and should be treated fairly as everyone else!



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