Vampyrian Creed and Vampyrian Ethics

The Vampyrian Creed:


~ As Vampyres we should know the difference between our Life Force Givers/Donors, other human friends, and our other Vampyr companions. Being as we are half human half demigod, Angel, or Demon (not as the Christian Demons being evil but Being of Darkness). We must respect them for they give us what we need…


~ We should never be ashamed of what we are but embrace our Darkness nor deny what we are...


~ As Vampyres we should know that we each have the same abilities, needs and hunger though some are stronger than others…


~ As Vampyres we all have a Vampyr soul, live each life as a Vampyr, and our soul will never eternally rest...


~ As Vampyres we all should not try to make ourselves sick by starving ourselves because we think it is bad to borrow energy or life force as they all will get it back and will not suffer as much as we do for the lack of it...


~ As Vampyres we must never murder or harm our own kind, the innocent, or animals...


© Founding Father J P Vanir


Founding Father J P Vanir Rules of Vampyrian Ethics:


1. You should not WASTE or disregard (food - resources): A Vampyr should not waste what he is given or treat what he is given in a disrespectful manner. He or she should honor what they are given and give appreciation for it…


2. You should not murder with out a legitimate reason (like food): Killing is waste and a crime if not for food or punishment of murder…


3. You should not STEAL from KIN or family (stealing from others should be for necessities): Again stealing is against the law and is a violation of the place in which we reside…


4. You should not HARM KIN, Life Force Givers (Donors), animals, or the innocent with out a legitimate reason: We must be respectful of those around us unless they first harm us…


5. You should not PUSH you beliefs or anything on others: We are all free to believe as we wish…


6. You should not HARM or Destroy nature with out a legitimate reason or the natural balance of life: We must respect the World we live in and respect the natural resources we are given; We must also never murder or harm our own kind or the innocent…


***I am not recommending that we break the human laws as that would bring our community down and that is for the area in which you live legal system to do. We must respect this world in which we reside…


© Founding Father J P Vanir



Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jan 7th 2016
Modified:Feb 2nd

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