Vampyric types (Vampyrian):

Vampyric types (Vampyrian): There are so very many types of Vampires/Vampyres and Vampiric entities yet most people only assume there is only a couple or maybe several types at most.


There are Vampiric/Vampyric God’s and Goddesses at the top of the list feeding on the faith and beliefs of their followers. Some of them go even as far as to feed on them once they finish their present life if they believe they will go to their religions choice of afterlife (Heaven or wherever). Feeding on their life force as they are fooled into believing they are in paradise (sort of like in the movie “The Matrix” only there fake heave is the matrix the live in their “afterlife”. In reality humans as well as non human animals reincarnate but change form and there soul goes into a new baby once there body wears out and decays. Most however only feed on the worship they give to their Gods/Goddesses or whatever they offer to them. Vampires/Vampyres in general or spirit entities that feed on human life force one way or another mostly because they have a very hyperactive energy metabolism unlike most creatures and must do so or become weak and sick or just do it to gain more power by doing so like the Gods/Goddesses that want to be more powerful than others. Some types however feed on other animals life force but all Vampires/Vampyres feed on living creatures but can never get what they need from plants and animals however they can feed on remnants of the emotions they put into music and possibly even books but I am not positive on books but it is a possible theory.


Vampires/Vampyres are mostly by their very nature universal feeders feeding both on blood (sanguine or sang) as well as feed psychically (Psi) however many choose one way or another depending on which way gets best results or which way they can take easiest especially in the “Human Living Vampire/Vampyre Community”(Human Living Vampire/Vampyre or HLV) (in the Vampire/Vampyre community or VC) it seems and causes more labels and has caused too many issues and arguing throughout our communities history. I personally believe as do most in the Vampyrian belief believe Vampires/Vampyres are able to feed all ways if they are able and know how but often they do not because they have not awakened (know what they are) enough or refuse to believe this way. Most Vampires/Vampyres remain in their spirit realm only to visit the physical world in order to feed however some feed on the other supernatural creatures in other realms as well as this one however those creatures don’t as easily allow their essence to be feed on as easily as humans and other animals do. Some less powerful Vampires/Vampyres however possess humans before they are born for easy feeding so they do not have to constantly travel through the realms to feed; many can however leave their human body and astral travel to feed as well if they do not get enough while they are awake.


I personally believe as do most in the Vampyrian belief agree that Vampires/Vampyres are able to feed all ways if they are able and know how but often they do not because they have not awakened enough or refuse to believe this way. Most people that are unaware of HLV’s and/or the VC believe Vampires are “undead” creatures that feed on just blood though some are open to psychic supernatural feeding but cannot believe in HLV’s but hey must be supernatural or of mythology and fake. However that is only an assumption because they they have been written of in legends as being on top of their “prey” feeding on them and making them weak or sick and they assume they are draining them of blood (sang) so they become weak or sick and often eventually may become an emotional feeder to replace what they have lost so they assume they are turned into a Vampire as well. Most misunderstanding happen either because of that or because of their upbringing they assume the person will also become infected or possessed out of religious misunderstanding and/or ignorance. The world only became aware of Vampires/Vampyres through these mythology,legends and beliefs. They did not know anything about or could not accept the possibility of taking another beings energy or life force because of their religious beliefs; except those of the eastern religious upbringing (culture) or pagan religions (non-monotheistic). In fact the belief in psychic feeding did not come into the western mind until Dion Fortune wrote about it in “Psychic Self-Defense” (first published in 1930) and then Anton Lavey popularizing the term “Psychic Vampires” in the 1960’s; However I find that funny because I believe he himself was unknowingly a psi Vampire/Vampyre and now well after his death the “Church of Satan” now funds “Temple of the Vampire” who are psychic/emotional Vampires/Vampyres themselves and their “Vampire Bible” teaches them to do what both Dion Fortune and Anton Lavey both warns there followers about (against such things). Both of them were misinterpreting us for emotional parasites or “Drama Lama”.


I believe Vampires/Vampyres choose to feed psychically or by drinking blood because of personal preference, abilities, or whether they know how to feed psychically well enough or like the taste of blood well enough. The only problem is that just sanguine feeding you get a smaller amount of energy or life force contained in it then directly taking it psychically I have noticed and believe. I myself must take about a cup to get enough of a feeding that way which most likely why our older less ethical (according to human ethics) past Vampires/Vampyres killed the humans they the blood of as humans generally kill the animals they eat unless of course you are vegan though still killing plants unless you only eat fruits. Eventually they were hunted down during the time people were more open minded and could believe in the supernatural and realised they must change their ways by alluring and hypnotising the ones they feed from as well as not killing them or feeding on them while they sleep and only taking just enough so they do not cause attention to themselves so that the belief in dangerous Vampires/Vampyres could fade away. Even Vampire/Vampyre spirits and other supernatural Vampires/Vampyres have many different types and they themselves are Vampiric/Vampyric otherkin. The Vampire/Vampyre Goddesses/Gods are supposed to be the protectors of all Vampires/Vampyres whether of the Shadow Realm (the realm they (Vampires/Vampyres) originated from as all creatures have their own original realm the originated from) but also those stuck in other realms or worlds (for whatever reason) including those stuck in human form either because of possession, loss or origin, or by birth.


The are the original Vampire/Vampyre type and origin of all Vampire/Vampyre types however too many lose sight of the responsibilities they have as being the creators as well as the Eldest fathers and mothers of their Vampires/Vampyres kind (Kin) as well as most powerful of the Vampire/Vampyre creatures (Kin). Also some of the lesser remembered Goddesses/Gods were forgotten because of the more popular religions taking over and causing them to lose their followers/believers. Mostly thanks to the popularity of monotheism and belief that darkness is evil and there God is selfish and does not allow them to believe in the Goddesses/Gods he already knows could give them ideas and knowledge he does not want them aware of (Yahweh or Allah being the worst of theses Gods who abandoned us). The other supernatural Vampire/Vampyre types include Djinn, Incubus/Succubus, Mare (from nightmare feeding on nightmares etcetera), Poltergeist, lamia, Nephilim, Daemons or spirit guides for our kind (Christians/Jews call Demons) as well as the angels esp those cast from heaven because they wanted to escape there slavery, Pazuzu, Yama, soul eaters, Sirens, Strigoi, Moroi, Nachzehrer, Wampir, Elves, trolls, ogres, dwarfs, gnomes, goblins, etcetera. A few of the Vampire/Vampyre Goddesses/Gods are Set, Yaweh/Allah God, Layla/Lilitu/lilth or Nocturnal Mistress (but spiritually evolved into a Goddess) etcetera as she has many names (originally the first human who were supposed to be just like Yahweh God who was a Vampire/Vampyre God himself until Adam and Eve disobeyed him and Satan gave them the fruit of knowledge but she was divorced from Adam before that happened so wasn’t affected but because he is so strict normal humans were supposed to be eternal Angelic Vampire/Vampyre as well as human but God like until they disobeyed him and was given knowledge or truth), Kali-Ma, Hecate, Anath, Baccus, Cihuacoatl, Hathor/Sekhmet, Nuit, etcetera. (a more detailed list is available in the TempleUVUP Vampyrian Shadow Book (beginnings). Most (NOT all) nocturnal supernatural creatures/Goddesses/Gods are actually Vampires/Vampyres as they (Vamps) are nocturnal creatures from the shadow realms (a hidden realm of darkness) which is why most Vampires/Vampyres are mostly nocturnal and/or too much light bothers there eyes etcetera as the have hardly any light in a realm of such darkness.


Most fea have a lot of energy and fea spirits in a human body (changelings) often must donate to other Vampire/Vampyre so they do not suffer anxiety attacks or suffer psychotic breakdowns (some dark fea may also be Vampyric) as well as other types of of otherkin (Therian) as well as humans with post traumatic stress disorder or other anxiety issues (ADHD etcetera) so in many cases a Vampire/Vampyre feeding on someone or something could be helpful to both the Vampyre as well as the donor. In the HLV community or VC it is only ethical and tolerated for Human Vampyres to feed on willing donors or ambient (left over) energy, or a huge crowd and NEVER tolerated if a one in the community feeds on an unwilling donor and hurts them in anyway physically or draining them and causing them pass out etcetera. Most Vampires/Vampyres especially HLV’s in the VC/OVC (Online Vampire/Vampyre Community are very ethical. We are taught to respect our donors or Life Force Givers (LFG) are a treasure and very rare therefore we should honor and respect those who give us so much but are also taught to give them time to heal and have more than one donors or LFG. In the my personal ethics and the Vampyrian Ethics (Vampyrian type sins) we are taught that waste as well as taking too much and harming our family and/or kin (which we consider our donors or Life Force Givers to be) is a big ethical no no or sin.


© Rev. J P Vanir (Theologian and Vampirologist)

Author:JP the DDG Aspie Vamp
Published:Jan 4th 2016
Modified:Mar 30th 2017

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