Each time I donate the experience gets more unique to me. I guess part of the satisfaction comes from seeing the outward changes I see in the vampire I donate to. For an example: the vampires I have (and still) donate to can be very pale and tired. After a donation, I have seen: a change in face, eye color change and increased energy. At times the energy can almost appears manic. I feel as if I did something good and useful. It takes the excess of whatever it is out and calms me. The connection can be very beautiful and spiritual or intense and edgy. At the beginning, I was accused and also felt I was seeking attention. I was embarrassed and ashamed of what I was. Not anymore. In the stressfulness that is a part of my life, this is one of things I do for me that makes me feel good. Notice I said I do for me and It took me awhile to realize I got just as much or maybe more sometimes out of the donation. I wish that every vampire who needs a donor, good luck in their search. If I could take care of everyone who wished and honestly needed a donor, I would.