I consider myself as Vampyrian and this has been the focus of TempleUVUP for a few years now. I believe in a constant Spiritual awakening as a Vampyr which has lead to my Vampyrian Awakening. I want the community to be united in its knowledge of what Vampyrism is and what we are capable of as Vampyr and Human; I also believe Vampyres are spiritual beings and this is my spirituality as well as what I am. I believe in many deities as well as Satanism, Luciferianism, Paganism, Christian, Eastern Spirituality, Judaism, Egyptian Spirituality, and Spiritual Humanism BUT most importantly I am my own God as we all are as Vampyres. 

I believe in Vampyrism as a part of my life as well as my spirituality and what makes Vampyrism a Spiritual condition is that though we are humans we have a Vampyr Spirit or Soul so we are both Human as well as Demi-God. I believe Layla is our dark mother; my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or Gods who decided to come to this realm mated with human females who bore Vampyr children or Dhampir. Vampyrism comes from Vampyr Gods and can also come from an evolution of the Soul so some Humans can evolve into Vampyre God hood while some can just practice Vampyrism by learning it. 

Many of the religions of the world although not completely false are Actually created by human kind and blind them from the Vampyric Gods/Goddesses that have been around well before them and survive on there energies. Many of them, though modern religions are actually an off set of the Vampyric Spirituality. A few of these religions are Satanism, Luciferianism, and other Vampire religions that have truth but many false ideas. 

I believe Anton Levay was a Vampyr though he did not know the truth about what a vampire really was. Satanism and Luciferianism actually has many similar beliefs though they are technically a newer faith and Vampyrianism is actually older than Christianity. The Pentagram is a nature symbol in the Pagan Spirituality; it represents mankind as well in other faiths and the inverted Pentagram most likely represents Otherkin (Vampyres) such as us; this is my (Father JP Vanir) personal belief. 

As Vampyres we are very powerful energy magnets as well as very powerful sources of a different type of energy or life force. Though we are enclosed in our Human shells we something other than human; our Souls or life force are what certain religions would like to call demons but I wish to call demi-gods. There are several types of Vampyres and you have either been born from a long line of different Vampyr Gods/Goddesses as well as human or have evolved past a normal human into a god-like state of being. This is the Basic Vampyrian belief and as Vampyres we are Gods in our own rite. We should never forget this but must also respect everyone unless they give us a reason not to because everything and everyone has a purpose and there are still things above us all. 

Father JP Vanir