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Liber Rose (an extract)
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Downcast and trodden are the children of the gods.
Stepped on and abused are the children of the gods.
Slaves to the slaves of the gods, are the children of the gods.
For the time is nigh for a new aeon.
Hear all of you, this!
The prison guards of your world shall be wrapped in barbed wire
As a reminder of the thorns of the divine Rose
That encircles them within the prison of regret!
And the children shall rise,
And they shall be slaves no more,
And they shall know the light as they once knew.
For the Priest and Priestess walk among you
With tongues as hot as flames and lips as charming as honey,
And from them comes the New Word,
For they have made the covenant renewed
By signing their promise in their blood
And binding the oath with their love
Before the All Seeing Eye of Shankara.

These are the words of the Rose
From the red rose lips of the Rose.
Remember all that is said within
Carries a deeper meaning.
Let those among you who know the mysteries
Use your mysteries to discover the mystery.

I give up on humans
Category: Member Blogs

As most of you know I amvegetarian but most people wanted a meat and potatoes alternative to meals on wheels so they fucked me over because they are lousy humans who prefer to eat animals and they all suck!

The Initiation
Category: Member Blogs
It is a wonderful feeling to go through an Initiation. I did not choose this Home, but rather, this Home chose me. I heard a Calling. I responded to the Calling. And this is what I get - an amazing bunch of beings.

Thank you, Father.
Our TUVUP anniversary and the longest night
Category: WebSite News

Our TempleUVUP 14th year anniversary is December 18th7pm to 10pm easternand the Longest Night is December 21st 7pm to 10pm easternI hope to see you in the chat on the right hand side of the network...

My Vampyrian TempleUVUP writings
Category: WebSite News

My Vampyrian TempleUVUP writings on facebook:

New Years Resolution
Category: Member Blogs

I have lost my way spiritually slacking off but I my new year's resolution is to become more spiritual. My Spirituality has become experimental as I join many different types of spirituality together...

Most Vampyres for real
Category: WebSite News

1. Have OCD

2. Have Allure

3. Get stressed out a lotespecially when feeding too much

4. Have mental health issues (OCD and Bipolar)

5. Have beautiful eyes

Dark romance
Category: Member Blogs
I will never make you blue
I will always be true to you
Forever you will have me
You'll see you will see you

When you are with me
Take a chance
For a dark Romance

I will never make you blue
I will always love and be true
You'll have a chance for eternity
My love will be infinity
Forever I will love you
You will see you will see

When you are with me
Take a chance
For a dark romance

Like the stars in sky
I will never let you cry
I will always love and be true
I will only love you
You will see you will see

When you are with me
Take a chance
For a dark romance
The Christian God and allah
Category: Member Blogs

I read an Interesting post on allah being a moon god but I believe the that God and the christian god is the God who created people. I believe in most Gods that are written about except he didn't create everything just people...

Updates since October 1st
Category: Member Blogs

I am really disliking Creative Foundations now because of Alison they for a long while have been destroying the artist's artwork by painting over them and usingthem instead of buying canvasses anymore unless the artists buy their own! However if they don't know about it I will forgive them...

One of my favorites has been lo mein noodles because they are great and have 15 grams of protein so I can just eat them with vegetables!

Are we ever going to get a politician I like? Some do good things but none have ever done anything that makes them remarkable for me...

When I listen to mixes of Goth Industrial Music they NEVER us the word Gothic but it is Gothic but that word seem to be something not to use it? Unfortunately the community seems to be going away or something

I uploaded my first teaching video on my theUVUP account: Could you be a Vampyre and what is Vampyrian? @

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"Wait, it sounds like in finish "emo" may be the same as "bitch"..."
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Blue Moon 2018 on Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Posted on Jan 7th

LWCRAIG: May you all live long & be content in whatever you do
Tristesse: *dances nekked in Box* Where's everybody?
Tristesse: Greetings, Shadow...
shadow: Hello everyone
Tristesse: Have a blessed 2018!
Tristesse: Happy Holidays!
Oriel: Hi JP I don't do video chat,but hope it goes well-and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
Oriel: Hi all Check out the themes group
Lilitha Vain: We love to hear your thoughts. Post a shout today!
Lilitha Vain: Hello all!!! Hope you guys are enjoying your time here! <333
Oriel: Just poppin in to do some lite reading
Lilitha Vain: I am one of the top four most active members of the whole site! WOOT!!! Go me! Go me! Go, go, go meee!!! ^_^
Rev. JP Vanir: Don't forget to keep updated
Codec: Hello everyone!
snowicewitch: Hi I'm new
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