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I don't know why people make fun of "people"
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I am an ascended being so this will shock some people.

I don't get why people come here to make fun of vampyrism, people "do the best they can, or try to at least make an effort". People think people come here and lurk in the shadows and secretly flirt and people come over here to ruin people's good time(s)? Maybe we will learn something - what to do what not to do? Maybe even how to conduct ourselves and just share in general. Trust me, your paranoid, no one is flirting with anyone here.

Vanir is my internet friend. I've seen him be ridiculed and I've seen people bully me because I am here. well F you son lol I didn't join Temple because I may be a vampyre, I joined Temple because most other forums and sites are dead! I don't care if people believe I am one or not. I'll still be one regardless if you approve and I am not Vampyrian, but its just a theory path that someone believes in. Maybe many do.

I believe in gathering of vampiric people, talk shop or talk mop or other things, but you should gather and these need to be encouraged, be it a pagan theme or not to talk about Goddesses/Gods or what not. Vanir does allot to help promote vampire culture, and you may or may not like him, but really don't be so tacky as to come here and "pretend" you want to be here and just berate someone too death or their cause or mission.

It can be hard at first to be a voice especially a spiritual voice because you remember Gods/Goddesses but you can't find proof of what you speak online except your memories, and people don't think thats valid enough. We all have a DNA that awakes and makes us knowledgable and gives us wisdom. Maybe things can be said or done better, I agree with this sometimes. But where is your websites? Blogs? Forums? Please, people come to enjoy not just berate some people's mannerism or ways about things. Overlook it. Not everyone is gonna do what you want them to do. You're not their leader. Until you can do better, shut up.

There were no books or languages then because people knew what they were, they had no need to document it. If you are one of the ones that remember through sacred DNA consider it your voice. I don't need to quote some mortal PHD whom writes about vampires.

--Ana Massien

Updates since October 1st
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I am really disliking Creative Foundations now because of Alison they for a long while have been destroying the artist's artwork by painting over them and usingthem instead of buying canvasses anymore unless the artists buy their own! However if they don't know about it I will forgive them...

One of my favorites has been lo mein noodles because they are great and have 15 grams of protein so I can just eat them with vegetables!

Are we ever going to get a politician I like? Some do good things but none have ever done anything that makes them remarkable for me...

When I listen to mixes of Goth Industrial Music they NEVER us the word Gothic but it is Gothic but that word seem to be something not to use it? Unfortunately the community seems to be going away or something

I uploaded my first teaching video on my theUVUP account: Could you be a Vampyre and what is Vampyrian? @

chat for 10/03/07
Category: WebSite News

I will be pretty busy next wednesday (10-03-17) so I may be just a tad late to chat but I will definitely be there before 8pm...

Stolen Symbols are not always what is claimed by the the thieves
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One big problem I have with shows about demons and/or demonic possession is "demons" turning crosses and or pentagrams upside down. Upside down crosses are really about martyrdom & it really is not demonic (The Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but in recent times also used as an anti-Christian symbol). Upside down pentagrams are pagan and also not demonic (it represents mankind as well in other faiths and the inverted Pentagram most likely represents Otherkin (Vampyres) such as us; this is my personal belief: In wicca it represents however (the Gardnerian tradition of Wicca) witches may use the inverted pentagram to represent a Second Degree Initiation and the the upright pentagram represents the power of spirit over the material. Too many groups and/or individuals take other symbols and claim they have to do with there path (like the swastika which is also pagan: ~ but they are stolen and misused...

People always screw each other over in the end
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Everyone will never understand my distrust in everyone when they always screw you over in the end. I have met les than a handful of people who have not screwed me over in the end. It happens again and again. I only trust non-human animals...

Annoying basic music
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Basic music is annoying the stuff I like and made has a lot of stuff going on in there. My favorite music is actually 80's - 90's goth and industrial...

Diabetic retinopathy
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My eye doctor noticed I have retinopathy so I have to go to a specialist to see if anything can be done please keep me in your thoughts...

Happy Earth Day of 2017
Category: WebSite News

Happy Earth Day of 2017

Category: WebSite News
Friday, 21 April 2017 is the DAY OF REAWAKENING A day for celebrating the return of spring, to plant the seeds of the Harvest to come, and to reconnect to the life giving energys!
Neo paganism and Wicca
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Many people in the Neo Pagan & Wiccan movement understand Wicca is from the 50's while Neo Paganism is a bit older but not by much. It is not older than Christianity and especially not Judaism its sad to say but true...

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