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Calling Upon The Great Goddess of The Left Hand Path




In this ritual, we will place a curse on your enemy or enemies.  I know that might seem vindictive and harsh but let's face it.... There are people in this world that don't wish us well and would  love nothing more than to see us fall.  Some of these people may have occult powers and some may just be ordinary people who wish you ill.  The thing is, it doesn't matter if they believe in magick or not.  The energy they have can do you harm nonetheless.  In most situations, I would simply recommend a "return to sender" ritual, but sometimes these people need to be humbled.  Now, I must warn you, please be very careful when you ask Lilith to curse someone on your behalf, I say this because She has nothing to lose, you can curse someone and they could very well die.  I don't think any of us want that. So be clear what it is that you want to happen to this person or people.  With that said, let us proceed with the ritual.




Step 1 - Altar Setup:  Place the image of Lilith at the center.  Place the red and black candles on either side of the image.  It doesn't matter which side the red or black candles are.  One should be on the left side one on the right side of the statue.  Place the incense in FRONT of the image so you can see the image through the smoke.


Step 2 - Initial placement of the offering:  Place the Offering by Your side for now, we will present the offering after we conclude the ritual.


Step 3 - Paper and Pen:  Have the Pen and Paper Handy to write down the person or persons who you wish to curse.


Step 4 - Bowl Placement:  You can place this anywhere on the side of the altar or near you for now.  We will use it at the conclustion of the ritual.


Step 5 - The Prayer:  Have the Prayer Handy


Step 6 - Compose Yourself:  Compose yourself and feel no fear.  Take a few deep breaths.  We are about to start.  Be sure this is what you want to do.



Step 1 - Light the incense and candles

Step 2 - Think of the person or persons you wish to curse and why you want to curse them.

Step 3 - Say the opening prayer .................

Step 4 - Sit for a moment and allow yourself to feel Lilith's presence. She is there isn't she?

Step 5 - Say the following Curse.  Fill in the name where the blank is:


"I call to you Great Lilith, Goddess of the Night, hear my call.  Take my enemy _________________ , take them and smite them.  Break them, bring great Scorn to them.  With the power of the four letter word of God YHVH which you know from the beginnings of time case your darkness on ___________________.  Humble them like you humble those you visit.


O Lilith, ruler of the night.  Touch their flesh, touch their minds with malice.  Make it so that they will never harm or wish to harm me again.


So mote it be!


Step 6 - Now think of these people or that person who is your enemy feel the anger you have inside for them.


Step 7 - look through the incense as you look at the image of Lilith and visualize  your anger coming out of you and into her.  Don't worry, just let it flow.  She will feed off that energy to crush your enemy.


Step 8 - Now write the name or names of the person or persons on the piece of paper, move the incense to the side and place the bowl in it's stead.


Step 9 - Now safely place the paper in the bowl and burn the paper.


Step 10 - Once burned move the bowl away and place the offering in front of Lilith.


Step 11 - Bid Lilith good bye and thank her.  No special words are needed.


That concludes the ritual


You may continue to speak to Lilith in your mind if you want , but  this ritual should be all you need.  The next day you can discard the papers ashes in the garbage or better yet flush it down the toilet and the offering can be thrown in nature.  You do not need to do this more than once, but if you feel you must, it will not  do any harm to you.

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:May 28th
Modified:May 28th

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