Why the Greeks are leaving Christiaity

Original Link: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/agora/2017/08/hearth-hellenism-polytheism-protection-progress


The culture of the Greeks created what we now call

the Antikythera Mechanism, an example of the highest mankind

can reach with his mind. It was a highly complex computer/astronomical

clock that tracked the movement of the planets.

The culture of the Greeks created men and women who

discovered the circumference of the Earth (with only 10% error),

the Heliocentric model, and a spherical Earth.

Education was important to the Greeks and with the rise of Christian education,

investigation of the natural world would eventually nearly

disappear which lead the West into a dark age (the east did

alright for itself). Christians did not value natural philosophy,

science, because this world was not as important as the afterlife.

Securing your place in God’s Kingdom was more important

than knowing the inner workings of nature.

As someone who loves history, I try to see how history repeats itself.

Today in the United States public education is in danger,

with the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

These efforts are fueled for monetary reasons more so than

anything religious, however even the monetary motivations are

symptomatic of a religious ideology, where again, education is devalued.

Christianity in my view, was the main contributing factor that

sealed the end of the Roman Empire. As with Rome, the

United States will be doomed if Christianity is able to gain too

much control over our policy making and legislation.



“The Death of Socrates, “by Jacques-Louis David. From WikiMedia.


After education, the second thing I notice in society is the

rise of authoritarianism in America. Which I think is also

symptomatic of the Abrahamic religious ideology. A singular

God, the only Authority and source of Truth will eventually

manifest in these fundamental believers by electing officials

to office whom they want to serve obediently. What we are

experiencing currently with blind faith in Trump is a form

of Divine Kingship. It is pious to be obedient to authority whom

is seen as ruling by the grace of God. Trump is a “good Christian”

and should be listened to, he will be our “savior”. Religious

ideology is to partly blame for the election of Trump, a topic

that deserves its own post.

In Hellenism there is a

prescription for centuries of monotheistic setbacks.

Because Hellenism is pro-science, pro-reason, and pro-education.

Abrahamism has historically been anti-science. You can see

the effect of the Abrahamic mindset anytime you hear

someone say “You/we shouldn’t be playing God” as a reaction to

a new breakthrough in science. Such a view would not exist in a

pagan world, because pushing our limits as humans, is the goal.

We are not “playing God”, instead we are fully reaching

our potentials with our divinely given reason.


Coming to the end of this reflection, what do I think we

should all do? All pagans, I think should fight to protect

humankind’s ability to progress. I often see some pagans get

turned off by politics, preferring to “stay spiritual”

and avoid such conversations.

However, I disagree, pagans need to be political. The

Religious Right wants to force their regressive worldview onto

our whole nation, halting progress. We cannot let that happen.



Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Sep 4th
Modified:Sep 4th

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