Blood-feeding with Razors, A Guide Written by Damien Ferguson and Rei Tadashi

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There are different ways to feed on blood. For human donors, one can use razors, needles, and lancets. Considering that there are donors that are wary of needles and not many sanguinarians are trained in venipuncture, razor blades are a good way to feed safely and adequately. It is less invasive and less risky, in general.

But just because it is safer, it does not mean one should readily use it on a donor without practice or consideration.

Here’s a guide for its use:

First and foremost, test your blade.

There are different kinds of blades. Straight razors are usually used. Do not use the box cutter types because the oils on it are bad for an open wound. Avoid blades with serrated edges as well because the jagged ends would tear through the skin and leave a dirty cut. Dirty cuts or wounds with jagged edges take longer to heal which would make it more prone to infections.

Scalpels are popular because they leave cuts with clean edges. Double edged razor blades would also do.

Whatever you use, make sure that the blade is sharp, smooth, clean, and sturdy.

Before you try it on human skin, you should practice with it; fruits would be good for this. Honeydew melon–the fruit part, grapefruit, and oranges are the most common because they are closer to how human skin will be. Always cut towards yourself and hold the blade like an artist would a paintbrush. Never push the blade.

Learn the blade. Figure out how it cuts, the amount of pressure needed to put on it, how quick and deep it slices. Study that piece of fruit like it is the grade that will pass or fail you. Because it just might.

Measure the blade from the tip to .25 inches. This is the zone you never want to hit. It can expose down to fat and other things and cause all kinds of issues and immediate medical attention is needed. Best to measure to 0.10 to 0.15 inches of the blade and only go that deep. Once you learn the blade deeply and feel and know you can use it and know what will happen when you do, well, it’s still NOT the time to try it out on your donor.

Next, you need to learn and study up on basic first aid and wound care. Take a class. Get certified. Seriously. Do it. Also invest in a first aid kit. Make sure it is stocked with things specific for cuts, shallow and deep.

Now after all that, you are finally ready to cut that eager donor.

First, wash your hands.

Then clean the area you wish to cut. The outer areas of the upper arms and shoulder areas are good starting places. They are away from major blood vessels and nerves and your donor can hide these areas under clothing easily.

You can choose to have your donor wash the area with water and mild soap. Pat the Some prefer to clean the area with a cotton swab with a disinfectant like 70% isoprophyl alcohol. Let it air dry.

When you begin the cuts, go slow and small.  Small light cuts. Only one at first.

Study how your donor reacts. See if they are showing signs of second doubts, worries, concern, or signs of being uncomfortable.

Should your donor exhibit these, pull back. Talk to them. Discuss what their concern is and if they want to continue or not.

Study how deep the cut is.The length of the cut should be small, half an inch or less for starting out. A cut should never go past 2-3mm which is the thickness of the skin.

Study the blood flow. It should be quick and light. There should not be any gushing.

Once you are satisfied, take your finger and wipe the small blood off that is there and lick the blood from your finger.

Some vampires prefer to feed directly from the wound with their mouth tongue. This is generally not encouraged because the mouth is one of the dirtiest places in the body. It is home to many microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and some fungi and may cause infection. Of course heat of the moments do happen.

So if you are the type of vampire that prefer contact feeding, or even those who don’t (should you be swept away by the sensations of feeding on blood) it is best that you make oral care preparations prior to feeding.

After the blood feeding session, dress the wound properly.

Apply pressure to the area if it is still bleeding (though if cut shallow it shouldn’t be).

Apply an antibiotic ointment. Then bandage.

Check the wound every now and then for signs of infection. Complete wound healing occurs up to 3 weeks for minor cuts.

If you have not had a tetanus shot in the past 5-10 years it would be smart to get one just to be on the safe side. Also invest in some stuff you can put on a cut to help it from scarring.

For deep cuts or cuts that bleed for longer than 10 minutes you need to head to the er or dial 911. Not many other options for that.

To note razors can be useful but depending on volume, it may not be the best option. Sometimes however, we only have limited options but there are ways to work with it. Even those with heavy feeding needs.

Once you have learned to cut and have mastered it you will be able to get a decent amount per donor from a session. But if it is not enough then taking on multiple donors is a way to help balance it out. For feeding using razors and cutting, a good place to find donors in truth is the kink or BDSM communities. They tend to have masochists, those into blood play or blade play or edge play. As long as you are upfront about it all with them chances are you will both come out of it getting what you need and enjoy.



Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jun 22nd
Modified:Jun 22nd

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