August 1st: tribute to the Dark Ladies for Lughnasadh

By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn an Drouiz.

Whorwship for the Dark Ladies of Lughnasadh:


Games were to organize to honor Tailtił and the fight of Lugh and the fomoiré giant Balor, who is reminiscent of the fight of king oak and of king holly (the summer and the winter) in the Celtic tales.
Indeed at the time of the First harvest we feel well the shift of the clear season towards the dark season, to the Celtic of Ireland and the Scotland the Divinities the most honored has this period was Macha, Tailtił the mother of Lugh, Scota the teacher of the Celtic Warriors, sometimes Morrigł who is to bind to horses, although Morrigł her  period is more the one of Samhain. And quite the Goddesses of the Wisdom, Kerridwen, Badb, and even Cailleach Bheur (Celtic Goddess of the winter) under the name of Cailleach Rua (the hurdy-gurdy queens red of the hunger), when the harvests were bad.



"- I honor the days of the games of Mother de Lugh.
In this celebration of Lughnasadh, I honor the memory of Tailtił.
I honor the powerful fight between Lugh and Balor dark, between the summer and the winter, between the strengths of the light and the strengths of the shade.
In these days which Lugh gives to us, and which stand out the end of the summer and the first autumn day.
I honor in solitary Druid. The dark Mothers of this earth.
Ecstasy of the Nature, the Earth, some Water and the Fire.
I honor in Druid Solitary the generosities of the first harvest.
Day meal has feast, games, former tales, watered, here and there good drink of alcohol of honey or grain.


From Lughnasadh nothing except the peace or the enjoyment can enter it.
On this day the Druid who trusts him even, inspires the trust to the others.
I walk in the pure and clear light of Fionn. Here in this old gwenved there are not obstacles anymore on my path of Druidery.
I honor the Celtic Ancestors who lived and Died on Severnaya Zemlya, Highlands and of the Log in the treasure which indicate the luck and the good fortune.
I honor the Nature and the harvests on this day, the grains and the seeds which give birth.
I perceive the alive continuity of the Nature through the strength of the smells, the light and the rumours everything is a real well of enjoyment.
The end of the summer, always the same sighs from years to years purer espoires and soft regrets.
My Bardic Art tells the truth, for other Druids like judges.
Fairy tales, and the Myths of my Bardism are just lies or philtres has cheating.
But my role of solitary Druid and man of the North is to express and to show the truth of the Gods and the Spirits, the one for which they educated me, beyond the space and the time, in my journeys.


I am not starved in the agony of Cailleach Rua, the old lady of the Hunger who roams in fields or who cries in front of the empty cauldrons.


I cut myself a handle of wheat which dried slowly in the sun.
I strongly shelled him, ground, cooked, roasted and shared with mine.
In peace, in the righteousness of the heart.


I honor Kerridwen, Macha, Badb, Scota and Morrigł.
My Dark Ladies.
For their abundance of ears of corn and barley, their abundance of flowers, and their abundance of beautiful and good fruits.


In Druid Solitary  I honor the oak of the sun of the life.
In Druid Solitary I confer here a very strong protection and a blessing activates so much day as night, has my Clan, has my Home and to people of the Thingmenn.
That the grain which bends in this heat of the Summer end gives seeds to feed us in the cold of shadow of the winter which comes.


I honor my Ladies of Ravens, Morrigł, Badb and Macha.
I honor my Warrior of the Highlands, Scota Dame of the Scotland.
I honor my Lady of the Cauldron of des Pommes of Avalon, Kerridwen of the forest, the enjoyments of the wisdom and of soft animals.
Mothers of the wisdom.
Mothers of the life and the death.
Goddesses of the life and the magic in this existance.
Goddesses of the harvests and the wars.
I walk in my Druidry.
My life is the one as of a Viking on a battlefield where each of them help me to deepen my vision, to calm my spirit and my thoughts.
Lughnasadh is the moment of the most convenient grain.
To sow the fruitful seeds of the success, the enjoyment and love.
The harvest of the Acorns of Macha is coming soon. "

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jul 27th
Modified:Jul 27th

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